Navigating Joro Spider Concerns in Virginia

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Have you ever walked into your garden to find a colossal spider weaving its web between your trees? This isn’t just any garden spider; its size and appearance are startling, making you wonder what kind of creature it is. You might be facing the Joro Spider, an orb-weaver species that’s been capturing attention as it pops up in various states along the eastern United States – now including Virginia.

In this guide, we dive into the fascinating world of the Joro Spider, shedding light on what makes this species unique and whether you should utilize spider extermination or be concerned about its presence in Virginia.

What Does the Joro Spider Look Like?

The Joro Spider is impossible to miss, known for its considerable size and striking colors. The difference in appearance between males and females is pronounced, thanks to sexual dimorphism.

Here’s how to tell male and female Joro spiders apart:


  • Size: Large, with a body length of about 0.75-1 inch and a leg span of up to 4 inches.
  • Color: Their bodies are brightly colored with yellow and blue, accented with distinct red markings.
  • Web: Builds large, intricate webs that can span up to 10 feet.


  • Size: Much smaller than females.
  • Color: Darker, less vibrant, with more subdued colors.
  • Web: Does not build webs as females do.

The webs of Joro Spiders are unique in themselves, being large, golden, and exceptionally strong, making them highly efficient at trapping insects

Where is the Joro Spider Found?

The Joro Spider has demonstrated a surprising ability to adapt to various environments. Initially believed to thrive in expansive natural areas, these spiders have shown they can also flourish in urban settings, even near highways. This adaptability indicates a potential for the species to spread further, including into urban areas of Virginia.

Is the Joro Spider Dangerous?

Despite their intimidating size and appearance, Joro Spiders pose little threat to humans. Their fangs are relatively small, and they are generally timid, preferring to avoid confrontation. The fear they may evoke is often greater than any real risk, positioning them as intriguing creatures rather than pests.

What is the Origin of the Joro Spider?

Originating from East Asia, it is believed the Joro Spider was inadvertently brought to the U.S. through shipping containers. This accidental introduction facilitated their spread across the eastern U.S., including to areas near Virginia.

What’s Next for the Joro Spider in Virginia?

It appears the Joro Spider is setting roots in Virginia, with its adaptability and successful breeding suggesting it will continue to expand its presence.

Need Assistance with Spiders or Other Pests?

While the Joro Spider may initially cause alarm due to its size and unfamiliarity, it’s crucial to remember they are largely harmless. Their presence in Virginia signifies the dynamic nature of our ecosystems.

Should you have any concerns or need advice regarding the Joro Spider or any other pest issues, our team is here to assist. Offering expert advice, information, and pest management solutions, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your home and community safe. Contact us at Loyal Termite & Pest Control anytime for support with your pest-related concerns.


10 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Pest Control Company

Pest control services in Eastern & Central Virginia - Loyal Termite & Pest ControlPeople often wait until it is too late to look into professional pest control services. No matter what pest you’re dealing with, trying to take care of an infestation on your own can be tricky. If you don’t approach it the right way, you could end up allowing the pests to multiply without any signs of slowing down. Many DIY strategies fall far short of a long-term solution, and improper use of professional pest control products by untrained individuals can lead to serious health risks.

If you’ve been thinking about hiring an exterminator recently, read on for ten reasons to follow through. Our technicians at Loyal Termite & Pest Control have seen great success servicing homes and businesses around Eastern & Central Virginia and hope to help you, too!

DIY Pest Control and Health Concerns

Hiring certified pest control technicians can eliminate many health concerns that you might accidentally expose yourself to without their help. Our first three reasons to hire professional pest control are in the interest of your health:

  • 1: Controlled pesticide use. A professional will only use pesticides as a last resort, and when they do, they will use them safely. Improper or untrained application of pesticides can expose you and your family to harmful toxins. Loyal Termite & Pest Control is proud to be a Green Pro Certified Company.
  • 2: Decreased chance of illness. Many pests in Eastern & Central Virginia can pass on serious diseases through their bites or droppings. Technicians can help you avoid pest-related illnesses by handling the dirty work for you and your loved ones.
  • 3: Less itching and scratching. Mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, spiders, bed bugs, and more pests in our local area can leave you with itchy bite marks. You don’t have to endure the bites every year! Hiring a professional pest exterminator to rid your home of these biting pests!

Save Time with Professional Pest Control

Hiring professional pest control can eliminate extra tasks from your life in a more efficient manner. Our next three reasons have to do with saving you time:

  • 4: Efficient solutions. Licensed technicians have the necessary experience to resolve pest problems quickly and efficiently, much more so than the average homeowner.
  • 5: Less cleaning. Having pests in your home means constantly cleaning up pest-related debris. Getting rid of them altogether will greatly reduce the time you have to spend cleaning!
  • 6: Safer structures. If you have rodents, termites, or carpenter ants living in your home, you’re likely inspecting your home constantly for new damage. Take that task off of your plate by hiring professionals to remove the pests and stop them from causing more damage.

How Professional Pest Control Helps You Stress Less

Being aware of a pest problem in your home comes with lots of stress. Our last four reasons pertain to your mental well-being:

  • 7: Better sleep. Having a fear of bed bugs or spiders in your home can cause you to lose sleep. Get rid of this worry by finally getting rid of the pests themselves! Professionals also have options to monitor for these pests to catch a problem right at the start!
  • 8: Save money. Sticking to DIY remedies can add up after a few unsuccessful attempts. A professional pest control company can come to remove certain pests in just one session given the right circumstances!
  • 9: Learn about the process. Our technicians at Loyal Termite & Pest Control not only eliminate pests from your home but teach you about how they do it. We aim to give you the knowledge to avoid pests on your own going forward. Prevention is key!
  • 10: Peace of mind. Once your pest infestation has been dealt with, it feels like you can finally breathe again! Don’t hesitate to have a professional rid of your pest problems—you don’t have to deal with them!

If you’re ready to take the first step towards a pest-free* home, contact your local pest control company. Our expert technicians at Loyal Termite & Pest Control have helped people all across Eastern & Central Virginia live pest-free* since 1960. For a free quote, contact us today!

3 Step Pest Control – A Homeowner’s Quick Guide

Ants gathering by pooling water in Eastern & Central Virginia - Loyal Termite & Pest ControlIntertwined with any proper home maintenance routine is a list of important pest control measures. It’s easier than you think to put your home in the right place to avoid pests all year long, but many people just don’t know where to start. That’s where we swoop in to help! At Loyal Termite & Pest Control, we place great emphasis on educating our customers in keeping a pest-free* home through their own work. If you’re looking to learn our three-step pest control technique for homeowners in Eastern & Central Virginia, read on!

What Problems Can Pests Cause?

If you have never experienced any serious pest infestation, you likely aren’t aware of the importance of taking pertinent steps to prevent outbreaks. There are dozens of local pests species in our region, each of which come with their own unique methods of nuisance, or even danger. Insects, arachnids, and wildlife in our region can possibly:

  • Affect your food and water quality
  • Damage your possessions or your home’s structure
  • Transmit diseases and spread filth
  • Bite people and pets
  • Create long-lasting disturbances

Obviously, it is in our best interests to put in work before an infestation starts to prevent having to panic when one happens, acting quickly and unpreparedly.

3 Steps to Pest Control

If you have a history of problems with a particular pest in the area, you will want to follow our three-step process to conduct successful pest prevention. Here are our three steps to DIY pest control:

  1. Identify: Knowing exactly what kind of bug or animal you’re dealing with is all too important. Different species of ants have different habits, different species of rodents carry varying diseases—you have to know what you’re up against. If you aren’t sure, you can always ask for the help of a local pest expert.
  2. Educate: Once you have the species narrowed down, you have to learn everything you can about them. Understanding their preferred living environment, their diet, their lifespan, and their weakness will all help you quickly narrow down the best ways to get them under control.
  3. Control: Some pests can be dealt with effectively at home and without purchasing any products or services! For example, ants can be eliminated with a diluted vinegar solution or a common lemon-scented cleaning product, and certain essential oils can be sprayed on spider hotspots to discourage web-weaving. However, for heavy infestations or cases of more dangerous pests, professional help is always the safe way to go.

Eastern & Central Virginia’s Pest Experts

No matter what part of the three-step process you need help with, our expert pest control technicians at Loyal Termite & Pest Control are prepared to help. With decades of experience in the regional pest environment, our technicians are quick to identify and control whatever type of unwanted guests you’re dealing with. Don’t hesitate when your infestation gets out of hand—it will only increase pest presence and delay your comfort! Contact our team today for a free quote.

6 Common Bathroom Bugs To Watch Out For

Spiders are a common bathroom bug in Eastern & Central VA - Loyal Termite & Pest ControlWhether you spend your evening relaxing in the tub or have a morning routine to help start your day, the last thing you want is bugs running around. Bugs in bathrooms are, unfortunately, a very common household problem for residents here in Virginia. But why? While pests can infest a number of areas in your home, bathrooms are favored due to the humid, damp conditions. To avoid the distressing discovery of a pest problem in your bathroom, it’s crucial to learn not only what pests are most common, but also what you can do to avoid an infestation. At Loyal Termite & Pest Control, we know no homeowner wants to deal with bathroom bugs. Our experts have rounded up our best tips to keep them out—read on to learn more!

Why Do I Have Pests in My Bathroom?

Bugs and pests of all kinds are drawn to bathrooms mostly due to the moisture. Many insects are drawn toward humid, moist environments—so what better place than a steamy bathroom? Leaky pipes, showers, and sinks provide precisely the environment many pests require to survive and reproduce. Your bathroom can also provide insects with plenty of food options. Humid, even moldy areas provide sustenance for some pests. Lastly, a dark bathroom can provide ample shelter for many insects and pests. Whether there are roaches under the sink or ants along your sink, there could be many more pests than you’d think hiding in your restroom.

Common Bathroom Bugs

The 6 most common insects that are the culprits behind most bathroom pest infestations are:

  1. Silverfish. These nocturnal insects are typically found around sewers or drains, and prefer to feed on mildew and mold.
  2. Ants. A small ant problem can quickly turn into a large one if ants have found a source of food or water in your bathroom.
  3. Cockroaches. Roaches love filth and feed on sewer and drain sludge. They easily get into your bathroom through plumbing fixtures.
  4. Centipedes. These long, spindly insects feed on other small insects that are common in bathrooms and love a humid environment.
  5. Drain Flies. True to name, drain flies are found around drains. They often appear when there is a plumbing problem in the main sewer line.
  6. Spiders. As predators, spiders like to prey on the smaller insects often found in your bathroom areas.

How to Keep Bugs Out of My Bathroom

The best way to make sure bugs don’t make themselves at home in your bathroom is to eliminate anything that would attract them in the first place. Always ensure you do not have any leaky pipes or plumbing issues that are contributing to the humid, moist environment. Consider using a dehumidifier from time to time to aid in this process. Lastly, clean your bathroom on a regular basis! Reduce the clutter in your drawers and cupboards, and make sure to prevent any mold or mildew.

If you’ve done all you can to prevent bathroom bugs but are still dealing with roaches, ants, or another pest, it’s time to call an expert. The experts at Loyal Termite & Pest Control can help. Contact us today to get started!

Don’t Let These Pests Ruin Your Halloween!

Spiders are one of many pests that can invade Virginia homes in the fall - Loyal Termite & Pest ControlRats, spiders, and bats—oh my! You may gladly hang up spooky webs and fake spiders as decorations this Halloween, but you certainly don’t want the real thing infesting your home. A few pests in particular are very common this time of year. Infestations are also common right now as you start to pull out boxes containing all your seasonal decorations. To keep pest problems from ruining your Halloween festivities, the team at Loyal Termite & Pest Control is here to shed light on creepy-crawly pests to keep an eye out for.

Common Pests During Halloween Time

Pest infestations in the fall months are very common. This is due to the fact that many pests begin to seek shelter indoors to escape the impending drop in temperature outdoors. Here are the pests to look out for this season:

  1. Rats. Rodents infamously squeeze their way inside this time of year for warmth, food, and shelter. They could be nesting in your boxes of decorations.
  2. Spiders. Spider populations are abundant in the fall and many get indoors. They may be lurking in your box of decorations!
  3. Bed bugs. While common at all times of the year, traveling or college students lead to an increase in infestations. They also could be found on second-hand costumes.
  4. Stink bugs & boxelder bugs. These seasonal bugs appear on the sides of homes and could crawl indoors if given the chance.

How to Prevent Pests This Halloween

You may be putting fake rodents or bats out as decorations, but you definitely want to prevent the real ones from getting indoors! As you would any other time of the year, it’s important to implement preventative measures to keep fall pests away. This includes sealing all cracks and crevices in your home with caulk, installing new window or door screens, cleaning up your yard’s foliage, keeping a tidy kitchen with sealed food containers, and storing all seasonal decorations in airtight plastic bins. If you are having trouble sealing off your home to pests this fall, it’s often best to contact your local pest control expert for more prevention tips and tricks.

Seasonal Pest Control

The last thing you have time to deal with this holiday season is a pest infestation. Always be extra cautious when unpacking your decorations or buying secondhand items. If you find yourself with an infestation or want to further protect your Virginia home from seasonal pests hibernating in your home, the residential exterminators at Loyal are happy to help. 

2 Dangerous Spiders in the Fall

Black widows are one of two dangerous spiders in Henrico VA - Loyal Termite & Pest ControlHave you noticed more spiders in or around your home recently? In the late summer and early fall months, spiders certainly seem to be more active than ever. These eight-legged creatures typically hatch in the springtime. By the time autumn rolls around, they are in full force! Spiders are drawn into your Henrico area home in search for food, water, and shelter like any other type of pest. Thankfully, most of the spiders you’re going to encounter in your home are harmless. In fact, they likely want nothing to do with you! However, there are two dangerous spiders to keep an eye out for in the fall and all year long. Loyal Termite & Pest Control are here to share expert info on the black widow and brown recluse.

Black Widow vs Brown Recluse Infographic - Loyal Pest Control in Virginia How to Identify Black Widows and Brown Recluse Spiders

No one wants to get close enough to a spider to identify it! That said, it’s important to know about black widows and brown recluse spiders. Both of these spiders can bite when they feel  threatened, which can be dangerous. Here’s what to know about these potentially dangerous spiders:

  1. Black widows
    1. These spiders have a characteristic red hourglass shape on its body.
    2. They build sticky, tangled cobwebs in garages, sheds, and near the ground.
    3. They can bite when they feel threatened.
  2. Brown recluse spiders
    1. Brown recluse have a darker brown violin shape spot on their brown bodies.
    2. They build loose, dome-shaped webs for shelter.
    3. A brown recluse bite is known to be very painful.

How do Spiders Get Inside in the Fall?

Like any other pest, spiders can get inside through the tiniest of cracks in your home. Broken screens or crevices in your doors and windows often let spiders in. An unkempt yard or lawn will invite spiders to your property. You may also notice more spiders when you have other bugs and insects in your property. Spiders will be more drawn to properties that provide them with shelter and food (bugs) inside, which is why it’s so important to keep a clean and tidy home as much as possible.

Professional Spider Removal

Everyone sees a spider or two from time to time. So when is it time to enlist the help of a professional spider control company? At Loyal, our spider exterminators can quickly address current infestations as well as help you prevent future spider problems from happening.

Follow These Tips for a Pest-Free Patio

Tips for a pest-free* patio in your Henrico VA property - Loyal Termite & Pest ControlIt’s likely you are spending more time outdoors than ever this year. You’d also likely enjoy your outdoor living space more if you didn’t have to deal with pest problems! Pests may enjoy the Virginia summertime weather as much as you do, but that doesn’t mean you have to share your space with them.

At Loyal, we know how frustrating pests can be—especially when they ruin your backyard barbecue or gardening session. Following our commitment to keep our customers pest-free*, our experts are here to share top tips for a pest-free* patio and outdoor living area.

What Pests are Common in Your Backyard

The warm weather and longer days invite all types of insects to be out in full-force. Some pests are more of a nuisance than others, and some insects are more dangerous for you and your family! Here in Virginia, the most common pests you’ll see in your yard are mosquitoes, stinging insects (bees, wasps, and hornets), ants, spiders, ticks, fleas, and flies. Ticks and mosquitoes are especially concerning for their ability to transmit dangerous diseases to humans. For that reason alone, it’s crucial to learn how to keep pests away from your property.

Top Tips to Achieve a Pest-Free Patio

Everyone wants to be able to enjoy their time spent outside to be pest-free*. This is harder than it sounds, especially this time of year. There are a few ways you can make your property less appealing to pests. Our best tips for a pest-free* patio are:

  1. Remove any standing water. Stagnant water is one of the biggest attractants for mosquitoes.
  2. Keep your lawn and shrubs trimmed. Ticks and mosquitoes will shelter in overgrown vegetation or tall grass.
  3. Be on the lookout for ant hills. Even a tiny mound can contain thousands of ants inside.
  4. Inspect all wood structures. Wood-destroying pests (carpenter ants and termites) will damage your wooden decks or porches.
  5. Use an insect repellent. Most store-bought repellent containing DEET will help repel mosquitoes and ticks.
  6. Clean your patio or space regularly. Spills or leftover food will surely bring ants around.

Need Help With Outdoor Pest Control?

Pests and insects are to be expected when you’re outdoors. However, there’s no reason to let them ruin your time spent in your own backyard! The exterminators at Loyal are committed to keeping customers pest-free* not just inside their homes, but outside as well. Call our team today to learn more about our residential pest control services.