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Flea Exterminators

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If you have had a flea problem before, you know how frustrating they can be. Homes with pets are especially vulnerable to flea infestations if your cats or dogs spend time outdoors. Flea control can be difficult,  The flea exterminators at Loyal know how distressing a flea problem can be for you and your family alike. We are committed to helping keep you flea-free all year round.

How Dangerous Are Fleas?

Although they have been linked to the plague, typhus, and other diseases worldwide, flea-borne diseases are rare. Fleas can contribute to allergies for both people and pets, and they may also transmit parasites. For these reasons, it’s important to always take a flea infestation very seriously.

Here's How to Check for Fleas

The best form of flea control is prevention! It’s important to know how to look for the signs of fleas in your home: 

  • Strange pet behavior. Excessive scratching, reddened skin, hair loss, pale gums, restlessness, and welts or bumps are all signs of fleas on dogs or cats.
  • Adult fleas. On your pet, they look like dot-like bugs hidden in the hind legs, head, or neck.
  • Flea dirt. Flea feces (called flea dirt) looks similar to coarse black pepper.
  • Flea larvae or eggs. Larvae look like minuscule white worms that are about 2-5 mm long with pale hairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, even if you get rid of all of the fleas that are living on your pets, they could be temporarily inhabiting your pets’ bedding, carpet, furniture, or other places inside your home. When you hire Loyal Termite & Pest Control for flea removal services, we will apply pet-safe pesticides to remove fleas from your home as well as inspect your property’s exterior to find any flea hotspots and vulnerabilities that could lead to an infestation. Contact us today to learn more!
No one likes to see their pets in distress. If you wait too long to bring in a flea exterminator, your flea population can grow, increasing the risk of exposing your pets to parasites, allergies, and diseases in rare cases. It’s important to work with a flea control expert to get rid of fleas before your infestation gets out of hand. Call us today to get started!

Top 4 Flea Control Tips

To keep your home, family, and pets safe from fleas, it’s important to know how to prevent fleas in the first place. This starts with knowing how to look for fleas. Our top tips to keep fleas away or stop an infestation in its tracks are to:

  1. Check in with your veterinarian. Flea control products can safeguard your cats and dogs from fleas, which will effectively keep them out of your home.
  2. Keep nuisance wildlife out of your yard. Raccoons, opossums, deer, cattle, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, and skunks can all carry fleas and deposit flea eggs and larvae into your yard.
  3. Wash bedding frequently. If you suspect a flea may have gotten inside your property, run your pet’s bedding, laundry, sheets, and more through a hot wash.
  4. Vacuum your home thoroughly. If you found a flea, consider vacuuming all areas of the home, including upholstery. Carefully dispose of vacuum bags.

When to Call an Exterminator for Fleas

Once fleas get indoors, they can spread quickly to your bedding, pet items, carpets and rugs, furniture, baseboards, and more. Catching an infestation in its early stages is always the best way to stop fleas from spreading. If you have an infestation, it’s best to call your local flea exterminator.

Year-Round Flea Removal

Fleas aren’t just a nuisance—they’re dangerous, too! At Loyal, our flea control experts will work with you to ensure all signs of fleas in your property are gone, for good. 

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