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Cockroach Exterminators

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Cockroach Exterminators at Loyal Termite & Pest Control in Henrico VA & Richmond VA

Cockroach Exterminator Services

Cockroaches are one of the most dreaded household pests. Not only is the very sight of them terrifying, they can also carry bacteria and pathogens that could be dangerous. Getting rid of cockroaches on your own can be a never-ending battle, which is why the Loyal Termite & Pest Control team offers industry-leading cockroach removal services!

The Importance of Cockroach Extermination

Seeing just one cockroach in your property is often an indication that there are more hiding inside! DIY or all-natural methods won’t provide long-lasting cockroach control, making it all the more important to enlist the help of a roach removal expert.

Common Roaches in Central & Eastern Virginia

Cockroaches are one of the most common pest problems for Virginia residents. The most common species we deal with include the following:

Cockroach Identification

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Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

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How to Manage a Cockroach Infestation

Cockroach treatment options

Palmetto Bug vs Cockroach

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Bugs That Look Like Roaches

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When to Call a Cockroach Exterminator

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Frequently Asked Questions

The problem with cockroaches is that they prefer to remain in the dark and they are good hiders, so if you spot one inside your home, it’s likely that you have many more hiding elsewhere. Roaches are also notorious for being impervious to store-bought and natural cockroach control products. If you have roaches in your home or business, your best bet is to contact a roach exterminator right away before your infestation grows. Call our cockroach extermination team today for a free quote!
Cockroaches in Eastern & Central Virginia prefer to live in dark, damp places. Species like the American cockroach often make their way into our house from sewers or drainage systems. Others like German cockroaches often sneak in through gaps in our house to inhabit the cabinets in our kitchens and bathrooms. If you have found roaches in some part of your home, it’s very likely that they are also either infesting other parts of your property. Reach out to a roach exterminator today to schedule a cockroach removal service!

Cockroach Removal Process

The cockroach exterminators at Loyal Termite & Pest Control will follow the following steps as part of our cockroach removal plan:
  1. Conduct a detailed inspection of your property
  2. Identify the species of cockroach and the severity of the infestation
  3. Discreetly apply bait and other cockroach control products in suspected areas of activity
  4. Return to the property for further inspections and cockroach removal treatments as necessary
  5. Create a thorough cockroach removal report describing the treatment and providing tips for future cockroach pest control efforts

Effective Cockroach Exterminators

At Loyal Termite & Pest Control, we know how distressing a cockroach sighting can be. For more than 50 years, we have been providing central and Eastern Virginia with industry-leading cockroach removal services. With thorough inspections and effective cockroach control treatments, we can keep you roach-free all year long.

For quick, effective cockroach removal, give the roach exterminators at Loyal Termite & Pest Control a call today!

Roach removal experts at Loyal Termite & Pest Control in Henrico VA & Richmond VA

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