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Many of us love spending time outside in the summer, but we all worry about unwelcome guests tagging along for outdoor adventures. Most types of ticks aren’t picky eaters and will seek out any mammal in their area. The tick exterminators at Loyal Termite & Pest Control know how frustrating dealing with ticks can be. That’s why we commit to keeping you safe from ticks year-round. 

Are Ticks Dangerous?

Ticks are known to cause several kinds of serious illnesses, including Tularemia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and the infamous Lyme disease. Learning how to protect yourself, your family, and your pets from ticks will help you avoid exposure to vector-borne diseases and allergic reactions.

How to Remove Ticks

Ticks are quite small – they can be easy to miss! Here’s how to properly examine yourself and your pets for ticks:

  • Check everywhere: Ticks will bite you anywhere on your body, so it’s important to remove clothing and inspect your entire body for little brown marks. 
  • Look on your clothes: Some ticks can get stuck on your clothes and end up biting you later. Wash your clothes early and often after extended use outside.
  • Take a shower: This doubles as a great way to freshen up after a long hike and a good way to inspect your body for ticks. Wash them right away with soap and water!
  • Inspect your pets: Our dogs are much lower to the ground than us, making them an easy target. Comb through your dog’s fur to check for ticks, and pay attention to their itching or irritability. 

Types of Ticks in Eastern & Central Virginia

In order to properly prepare for summer, make sure you’re up to speed on the types of ticks you might encounter in your area. The species of ticks most commonly found in Eastern & Central Virginia include:

  1. American Dog Ticks. Commonly found in grassy areas with little tree cover, the American dog tick feasts on all sorts of mammals, even humans. They are usually 3-5 mm in length with dark red bodies.  A bite from one could result in the transmission of Tularemia or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. 
  2. Deer Ticks. These red and brown ticks live in moist, shaded areas, and are capable of spreading Lyme disease, the most widespread vector-borne disease in the United States. The more white-tailed deer in the area, the more deer ticks you’re sure to find. 
  3. Lone Star Ticks. Known for their unique feeding habits, lone star ticks will continue to draw blood from a host until they are fully engorged, reaching up to 1/2″ in length. Their bites are painless, and strangely enough, can cause their hosts to develop allergies to red meat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people find ticks on themselves, their pets, or in their house after coming back from a hike or walking their dogs. If you find ticks inside your home, use gloves to handle and dispose of them in a sealed trash container. If you find them actively biting you or your pets, you can use tweezers to pinch them as close as possible to the skin and dispose of them the same way. If you can’t seem to figure out why you always have ticks inside, call the experts at Loyal Termite & Pest Control for advice!
Some people have yards that are very conducive to tick breeding. Ticks generally like to inhabit warm, damp areas with lots of hiding places or tall grass. Similarly to a mosquito control treatment, a tick control treatment usually involves an inspection of the premises to determine the most likely tick breeding sites, followed by a barrier treatment using a specialized insecticide spray. For a free quote on tick barrier treatment, contact us today!

How to Get Rid of Ticks

If you’re finding ticks on yourself, your family, or your pets on a regular basis, trust in your local pest control company to assess your property for tick hotspots. Our tick exterminators at Loyal Termite & Pest Control are able to get rid of ticks in populated areas around your home and teach you the best preventative methods going forward.

Year-Round Tick Control

Tick bites can cause a number of serious diseases. At Loyal Termite & Pest Control, our tick removal specialists will work with you to rid ticks from your property and prevent them from coming back. 

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