Black widows are one of two dangerous spiders in Henrico VA - Loyal Termite & Pest ControlHave you noticed more spiders in or around your home recently? In the late summer and early fall months, spiders certainly seem to be more active than ever. These eight-legged creatures typically hatch in the springtime. By the time autumn rolls around, they are in full force! Spiders are drawn into your Henrico area home in search for food, water, and shelter like any other type of pest. Thankfully, most of the spiders you’re going to encounter in your home are harmless. In fact, they likely want nothing to do with you! However, there are two dangerous spiders to keep an eye out for in the fall and all year long. Loyal Termite & Pest Control are here to share expert info on the black widow and brown recluse.

Black Widow vs Brown Recluse Infographic - Loyal Pest Control in Virginia How to Identify Black Widows and Brown Recluse Spiders

No one wants to get close enough to a spider to identify it! That said, it’s important to know about black widows and brown recluse spiders. Both of these spiders can bite when they feel  threatened, which can be dangerous. Here’s what to know about these potentially dangerous spiders:

  1. Black widows
    1. These spiders have a characteristic red hourglass shape on its body.
    2. They build sticky, tangled cobwebs in garages, sheds, and near the ground.
    3. They can bite when they feel threatened.
  2. Brown recluse spiders
    1. Brown recluse have a darker brown violin shape spot on their brown bodies.
    2. They build loose, dome-shaped webs for shelter.
    3. A brown recluse bite is known to be very painful.

How do Spiders Get Inside in the Fall?

Like any other pest, spiders can get inside through the tiniest of cracks in your home. Broken screens or crevices in your doors and windows often let spiders in. An unkempt yard or lawn will invite spiders to your property. You may also notice more spiders when you have other bugs and insects in your property. Spiders will be more drawn to properties that provide them with shelter and food (bugs) inside, which is why it’s so important to keep a clean and tidy home as much as possible.

Professional Spider Removal

Everyone sees a spider or two from time to time. So when is it time to enlist the help of a professional spider control company? At Loyal, our spider exterminators can quickly address current infestations as well as help you prevent future spider problems from happening.

2 Dangerous Spiders in the Fall in Virginia

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