Ants gathering by pooling water in Eastern & Central Virginia - Loyal Termite & Pest ControlIntertwined with any proper home maintenance routine is a list of important pest control measures. It’s easier than you think to put your home in the right place to avoid pests all year long, but many people just don’t know where to start. That’s where we swoop in to help! At Loyal Termite & Pest Control, we place great emphasis on educating our customers in keeping a pest-free* home through their own work. If you’re looking to learn our three-step pest control technique for homeowners in Eastern & Central Virginia, read on!

What Problems Can Pests Cause?

If you have never experienced any serious pest infestation, you likely aren’t aware of the importance of taking pertinent steps to prevent outbreaks. There are dozens of local pests species in our region, each of which come with their own unique methods of nuisance, or even danger. Insects, arachnids, and wildlife in our region can possibly:

  • Affect your food and water quality
  • Damage your possessions or your home’s structure
  • Transmit diseases and spread filth
  • Bite people and pets
  • Create long-lasting disturbances

Obviously, it is in our best interests to put in work before an infestation starts to prevent having to panic when one happens, acting quickly and unpreparedly.

3 Steps to Pest Control

If you have a history of problems with a particular pest in the area, you will want to follow our three-step process to conduct successful pest prevention. Here are our three steps to DIY pest control:

  1. Identify: Knowing exactly what kind of bug or animal you’re dealing with is all too important. Different species of ants have different habits, different species of rodents carry varying diseases—you have to know what you’re up against. If you aren’t sure, you can always ask for the help of a local pest expert.
  2. Educate: Once you have the species narrowed down, you have to learn everything you can about them. Understanding their preferred living environment, their diet, their lifespan, and their weakness will all help you quickly narrow down the best ways to get them under control.
  3. Control: Some pests can be dealt with effectively at home and without purchasing any products or services! For example, ants can be eliminated with a diluted vinegar solution or a common lemon-scented cleaning product, and certain essential oils can be sprayed on spider hotspots to discourage web-weaving. However, for heavy infestations or cases of more dangerous pests, professional help is always the safe way to go.

Eastern & Central Virginia’s Pest Experts

No matter what part of the three-step process you need help with, our expert pest control technicians at Loyal Termite & Pest Control are prepared to help. With decades of experience in the regional pest environment, our technicians are quick to identify and control whatever type of unwanted guests you’re dealing with. Don’t hesitate when your infestation gets out of hand—it will only increase pest presence and delay your comfort! Contact our team today for a free quote.

3 Step Pest Control – A Homeowner’s Quick Guide in Virginia

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