I loved the movie, The Terminator…especially when he says, “I won’t be baaaark” Hunter here, Loyal Termite and Pest Control’s exclusive Certified K-9 Termite Detective, welcoming you baaaark to my blog “What’s Buggin You?SM

In my two prior blogs, I spoke, in depth, about our local termite strain, (Eastern Subterranean). I discussed a termite’s life cycle, their habits, and their innate power to destroy your home by literally eating it from the ground up. I hope you enjoyed the information and learned something from those two blogs.

In this blog, I will talk about the termite product Loyal Company uses, once pesky little termites are detected; the product is TERMIDOR. TERMIDOR is very effective. Applied properly, it will eliminate your termite problem as through as; the Terminator eliminates anyone in his way while he is trying to snuff out Sarah Conner.

TERMIDOR is a termiticide. It is applied directly to termite infested areas by our expert termite technicians. This happens immediately after termites are discovered by our highly trained inspectors. Loyal is a “QualityPro” company. We are committed, as a responsible Pest Control Management company, to apply products of the highest caliber that will not harm children, or any non- targeted animals. This includes all household pets. I am a working pet in this industry, so I really appreciate our company’s philosophy on child and pet safety. TERMIDOR is undetectable. An undetectable is; colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Termites unknowingly travel through the TERMIDOR barrier. It then adheres to their bodies. Termites are social insects and are in constant contact with each other. This social activity spreads the product throughout the colony. TERMIDOR affects an enzyme inherent only in termites; the eradication process begins and continues until the whole colony is eliminated.

As The Terminator is relentless in pursuit of Sarah Conner, TERMIDOR is relentless in eliminating termites anywhere a termite gallery may hide; in a structure’s interior and exterior, outlying structures, trees, fence posts, landscaping timbers, docks, anywhere cellulose is present. Our Loyal clients can trust that the most critical areas of their termite infestation are addressed directly, and controlled quickly. Once a client’s termite problem is treated thoroughly and effectively, this termite dog can proudly howl, “We won’t be baaaark”!! Until next year that is, when we perform our annual warranty follow-up to make sure our client will never have to deal with a brand new colony infestation problem.

In my next blog, I will discuss termite prevention. Loyal Company’s “QualityPro” approach to termite colony prevention that is respected by our clients AND our peers.

Remember, if you have any questions; address them to this blog, call us at 804-737-7777, “Like” us on our facebook page, facebook.com/loyalpest, Follow us on Twitter, @loyalpest, or fill in the contact section on our website, loyalpest.com.

Until next time, this is Hunter the Loyal K-9 Termite Detective, asking the question “What’s Buggin’ You?SM

TERMIDOR – The Termite “Terminator” in Virginia

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