When I sit down to write my weekly blog, “What’s Buggin You?” I do my doggone best to inform you Loyal readers about pertinent subjects within the pest control world that may have a direct effect on you and your family now, or in the very future. To be prepared is critical when dealing with the potential hazards associated with certain insect species. I learned this from Daddy Nick and he is very keen about being prepared to confront infestations of new species arriving in our geographical region. He considers it our duty as a responsible pest control company to always be on top of our game, and be ready to provide relief for our customers suffering from the effects of all insect species.

You should know by now that I am Hunter, Loyal Termite and Pest Control’s exclusive certified K-9 Termite Detective. Last week I finished what was a 3 part series about the recent arrival of foreign insects and the effect they are having on our American agriculture and local economies. This week is the first of a series about foreign insect arrivals that will have little negative effect on agriculture but will prove to be a huge nuisance to individuals, families, and business. Insects that will prove to be “pests” on steroids and what we can expect when they get here in large numbers. The first insect in this series is the Asian Beetle (AB)

Lady Bugs surrounding and invading your home by the thousands? millions? It’s not ladybugs; it’s probably the Asian Beetle. (AB’s) have become a homeowner’s worst nightmare. (AB’s), which are sometimes mistaken for ladybugs are familiar insects in many parts of the United States. The multicolored (AB) was first recorded as a pest in houses in 1988 in Abita Springs, Louisiana. The original infestation site was close to ports used for international shipping; including cargo containers from Asia. The beetle has rapidly expanded its range and is now commonly found throughout much of the U.S. Large congregations tend to be found on windows, doors, porch decks, and in the walls of buildings.

For the most part, this insect is beneficial to plants, gardens, and landscapes as it is a predator that eats aphids, scale, insects and many other insects that injure plant life. However, in many places, the multicolored (AB) has become a household pest.
Soybean crops are reportedly a favorite of (AB’s) and when the soybean crops get harvested in late summer/early fall, watch out! (AB’s) will be migrating to find a new place to live and breed. Maybe your home! Of course, springtime is also a good time to have an (AB) outbreak.

The greatest damage caused by the multicolored Asian beetle is the discomfort they give to homeowners. It is not uncommon for tens of thousands of beetles to congregate in attics, ceilings, and wall voids. When the heating is turned on, the beetles tend to move around inside these voids and exit into the living areas of the home.

In addition to biting, they exude a foul-smelling, yellow defensive chemical, which will sometimes cause spotting on walls and other surfaces. Most people are only annoyed by the odor of these chemicals. However, some individuals experience an allergic reaction to the defensive excretions. Sinus irritations and mild skin irritations have been reported subsequent to encounters with the (AB).

It may not be this spring, or next; however, sooner or later you will be dealing with a visit from this ladybug on steroids, the Asian Beetle. If you do encounter this irritating pest in large numbers, you really should call a professional. Who ya’ gonna’ call? Call Loyal!! That has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Who ya’ gonna’ call? Call Loyal!!

If you have any questions, give us a call, go to our website, or contact us through social media. Until next time, this is Hunter, your K-9 “dog-blogger” wondering, What’s Buggin’ you? I’ll bark at you later, Ruff! Ruff!

Foreign Invaders: Recent Insect Arrivals that will define the Word “Pest” (Part 1 – The Asian Beetle) in Virginia

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