It must seem a little strange to you Hunter “dog-blog” fans that he is not barking out his 74th weekly blog, “What’s Buggin’ You?” Well, if you followed us through Hunter’s last blog that he wrote 2 weeks ago; and have tuned in to our monthly newsletter, The Loyal News, emailed out September 5th you know what is going on. For those of you who are not caught up, this blog, my first blog in a short series named, Glen’s Loyal Blog, “What’s Buggin You? will be educating and entertaining you until Hunter gets back from his temporary assignment in Sarasota Florida.

Briefly, this is what’s going on. Hunter has completed his 9-week training class at the Florida K-9 Training Academy. He graduated with honors, Magna Bark Loudly, and is now a Certified Bedbug Detective, in addition to being a Certified Termite Detective.

Loyal Termite and Pest Control is going through a well planned and very calculated growth period. We have recently hired 1 new technician and are looking to hire 3, maybe 4 more. The hiring process is very tedious in that Nick and Gena Lupini, our company’s President and Vice-President respectively, are looking for special people to fill these positions; people that are upstanding in character, dedicated to their work and the Loyal customers they serve and are looking for a career providing quality pest control services for many years to come.

This is not an overnight process. To match the quality and character of Loyal’s current technicians is going to be tough. There are several that have been with the company for 10+ years and Nick and Gena are making sure those people they hire are of the highest quality available. We are reaching out in many ways to interview potential candidates. If you know anyone who is looking for a career position who possesses these qualities, please have them refer to our company’s Career Page on our company website

David A. will be moving up from his inspector/sales position to be Hunter’s official handler. He will be responsible for taking Hunter out on all Termite and Bedbug appointments where Hunter’s exceptional talents are needed to get the job done. David is currently running 10 to 15 appointments a day just to keep up with the calls coming in. Our other competent inspectors are equally as busy. David will need full training to take Hunter out on assignments, while his replacement, Brandon H. ( a current technician), will also need to be trained. Nick and Gena are very busy with their current duties, so if Hunter was here now; he would be busting at the seams, running around the office, ready to get out there and get to work.

When visiting Hunter at his graduation, Nick and Gena took him to the beach for a couple of days of relaxation. While there, they informed Hunter that it would be best for him and Loyal Company if he were to stay temporarily in Sarasota Florida living and working with one of Nick Lupini’s “pest control company owner” friends. We heard briefly from Hunter in his monthly column, “Hunter’s Backyard”, in the September ’13 edition of The Loyal News. He is doing fine and enjoying getting out there each day sniffing out termites and bedbugs. He is being handled by an instructor from the Florida K-9 Academy that he knows very well. Nick’s friend is paying the handler a handsome amount to work with Hunter, however, given the sharp spike in business he is receiving by having a K-9 Detective aboard, especially one of Hunter’s caliber, he is very happy having Hunter as long as it takes Nick and Gena to get ready for Hunter’s return.

Hunter is so busy; he does not have time to write his weekly blog. My name is Glen Eastman, the Marketing Director here at Loyal Termite and Pest Control. This blog will be called Glen’s Loyal Blog, “What’s Buggin’ You?” Since our company has this term registered with the State of Virginia, I am using it in my blog as Hunter did in his.

Next week, I’ll start getting into the subject matter and the tone of my blog. Don’t fret, Hunter will be back with us and when he does he will resume writing his “dog-blog”.
He will still be reporting back to us from Florida in his newsletter column. If you don’t currently receive a monthly edition of The Loyal News, you can sign up on our website;, our facebook page, or contact me via email at Thank you for joining me on my first official company blog.

Temporary Assignment until Hunter’s Return – Glen’s Loyal Blog, “What’s Buggin’ You?” in Virginia

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