Hello blog fans! This is Hunter once again; Loyal Termite and Pest Control’s exclusive Certified K-9 Termite Detective. I have had fun writing these informative and, I hope entertaining, weekly blogs. This is now the 6th edition of my blog, “What’s Buggin’ You?SM

Last time I compared Loyal Companies active Termite infestation product TERMIDOR, to The Terminator. The reason?; it works as relentlessly to eliminate an active termite infestation, as The Terminator is relentless in eliminating humans trying to protect Sarah Connor. People liked that analogy, so this week I’m going to give it another try. This week’s blog focuses on our highly respected Termite Colony Elimination System…… SENTRICON!!

I’m going to compare SENTRICON to a very well trained and determined Pit Bull Guard Dog, (I’m personally scared to death of Pit Bulls)!! Gentle and loyal to his family and fellow pets; imagine this Guard Dog as a “Bone-ified” killer should an intruder attempt to violate his family’s property. He will make sure that absolutely all intruders are totally eliminated, never to be seen again!!! That’s a Baaad dog, Huh?

SENTRICON, an eco-friendly product, and is the most respected and effective ongoing termite monitor system in the marketplace today. Not all pest control companies are qualified, and privileged, to use SENTRICON. Loyal Termite and Pest Control is one of the few local authorized dealers.

This is how the incredible “Guard Dog” works. Termite monitoring stations are strategically located in the ground and safely locked in place around the perimeter of your home. If there is a termite colony forming anywhere around your home, termites will find and consume the attractive cellulose material within each monitoring station. Trapped termites are detected when our skilled technicians make a scheduled visit to your home and check the stations. If termites are present, the termite monitors are swapped out and a bait tube is installed. The same procedure is performed if termites are found in any other of the monitoring stations. Because termites have a very acute communication system, more and more termites will return to the termiticide bait station. Once the bait is consumed, the “worker” termites; the wood eaters, and colony feeders, cannot “molt” i.e. shed their outer shell. When a worker termite can’t molt, he dies. If the colony “workers” die, the colony will starve to death; eventually leading to total colony elimination!

The ferocious “Guard Dog” (a.k.a. SENTRICON), has done his job and protected your home and family from being attacked by these very determined house eaters! Our technicians return on schedule to check the monitoring stations. The Guard Dog continues his loyal duty of protecting your home. Another terrific story where the “Dog” saves the day!! Yaaaaa….for dogs!!

Next time I will speak about our Loyal Company termite technicians. These individuals are highly trained, are totally dedicated to their work, and extremely loyal to our company philosophy and “QualityPro” designation. It’s about time somebody threw them a bone. Who better to do that job than their dedicated K-9 friend, co-worker, and blog writer; Hunter the bow-wow!!

As always, if you have any questions; respond to this blog, call us at 804-737-7777, “Like” us on our facebook page, facebook.com/loyalpest, Follow us on Twitter, @loyalpest, or fill in the contact section on our website, loyalpest.com.

Until next time, this is Hunter the Loyal K-9 Termite Detective, asking the question “What’s Buggin’ You?SM

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