Hello Folks!! Hunter here; Loyal Company’s Certified K-9 Termite Detective, welcoming you back to my weekly blog, “What’s Buggin’ You?SM”  This edition will complete my 5 blog series dedicated to a household pest that will literally “eat you out of house and home” from the ground up.. TERMITES!!

Of the 4 prior blogs, two were about termite behavior. The next two were about termite elimination; (1) Loyal’s eco-friendly approach to immediate elimination of active termite infestations and, (2) protective measures against potential termite colony infestation problems. This “dog blog”, if you will, “Ruff – Ruff”, is dedicated to Loyal’s two most seasoned, termite fighting veterans; Andrew Heiskill (15 years w/Loyal) and Leon Evans (13 years w/Loyal). These two heroes are out there every day, doing everything that they have been trained to do while working under the strict guidelines of Integrated Pest Management and “QualityPro” practices; to totally eliminate our client’s termite infestation problems.

These guys are great! We kid with each other a lot. Andrew calls me “Shorty”. I don’t much like that name, so I get back at him and call him “Goldy” because of his gold front tooth. We howl laughing most every morning. We have fun but when it gets down to business we are all very serious. We all arrive at the office at 7:30 sharp! The work day is meticulously scheduled by our very competent support staff. Andrew and Leon organize their Loyal work trucks, and off they go to “fight the fight” against termites and potential termite damage.

My job is to “sniff out” termites undetectable during a routine visual inspection. Their job is to attack and kill termites wherever they may hide; visual and non-visual. Since I don’t go on technician calls, I ask the guys what their typical day might entail. They were a big help to me in writing this blog.

With brand new construction they pre-treat in two phases; first, they treat inside the foundation perimeter, in the block, and everywhere current wood and upcoming wood construction may exist or will exist. All applications are according to label instructions. This rule is mandated by the Federal Government. Andrew and Leon are very careful that all treatments are within Federal Guidelines. After the house is fully constructed and landscaping is completed, they come back and dig a shallow trench around the outside house perimeter. They apply our eco-friendly termite killer, TERMIDOR, in spray form, saturating within the trench. After they complete the spraying process they re-fill the trench. They go through this trenching process to eliminate ANY chance of product runoff.

If the guys have an assignment in older construction, where a current termite infestation is active and termite damage is imminent, they take the “full assault” approach. Every house has either a crawl space or is built on a concrete slab. In both cases; exterior foundation perimeter trenching is performed and the treatment process is applied. If there is a crawlspace; trenching and treatment is performed around all support structures. Around the exterior foundation perimeter, small holes are drilled into the mortar every 12”. A small rod is inserted and treatment is applied as directed on the label instructions. After the TERMIDOR has been applied, the trenches are re-filled. Then the drill holes are re-filled, (you would never know they were there). Leon and “Goldy” have now treated all possible avenues of termite entrance and travel. Bottom line; our heroes WILL take care of the problem!! The termite infestation has been treated and a brand new protective barrier has been applied in and around the structure. No more termites!! Yaaaaa!! Makes me want to do 3 body roles and chase after my tennis ball!!

The Lupini family is very proud to have these two dedicated termite warriors as members of the Loyal Team. If our Loyal inspectors tell you that you have a termite problem, Andrew and/or Leon WILL responsibly take care of your problem!!

I pawed through Andrew and Leon’s files to grab a customer comment on each. Their files are packed with kind comments. This blog is running a little long; I’m actually starting to pant! I chose one from each of their files to share with you:

“The termite prevention service was completed Friday without a hitch. My tech was Andrew. He came to my house perfectly within the time frame that was set up and he called on his way over here. Andrew told me what was to be done when he drove up and gave me the estimated time of completion. He was polite, friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. Many thanks for sending him over. Glad I used your company and thanks again!!” M.T.

“I wish to commend Loyal Termite and Pest Control, Inc. for the excellent service I recently received. Leon Evans could not have been more helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable. He was scheduled for a morning application. When he arrived he answered my many questions with patience and professionalism. He knows what he is doing and it seems that he enjoys his work. Your employee made my termite invasion so much easier.  Thank you, Mr. Lupini, for your wonderful, caring staff!”  V.M.

As always, if you have any questions; respond to this blog, call us at 804-737-7777, “Like” us on our facebook page, facebook.com/loyalpest, Follow us on Twitter, @loyalpest, or fill in the contact section on our website, loyalpest.com.

Until next time, this is Hunter the Loyal K-9 Termite Detective, asking the question “What’s Buggin’ You?SM

Our Seasoned Veterans “Fight the Fight” – Mission: Total Termite Elimination in Virginia

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