mosquito2Loyal Now Offers Seasonal Mosquito Population-Reduction Treatment!

Pesky mosquitoes have long been a seasonal nuisance problem (July to the first frost) in our Central Virginia region. Damp weather and humidity are calling cards for these flying bloodsuckers that are becoming increasingly more worrisome to families with children and pets; why?

Mosquitoes are now a serious public health threat because of their capability of transmitting several potentially life-threatening diseases; including West Nile Virus (WNV) and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE). They are even capable of transmitting heartworm disease to pets.

Loyal Termite and Pest Control now offers a tailored mosquito treatment program designed to address the specific needs of your home. This service is performed through conventional treatment methods, using synthetic pyrethroids and insect growth regulators applied via a backpack mister. It is important to know that treatments will synergize (have a multiplier effect) following the second service visit. Layman's terms: Mosquitoes will die and go away!

Before entering the mosquito service arena, the Lupini family studied and counseled with other high profile independent pest control companies across the nation to find the safest and most effective mosquito population reduction treatment method available in the marketplace today.

Call to find out all the details of our newly added value program. You'll be glad you did!


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We needed a termite inspection for a closing on the sale of my Mom's house. We called another pest control company, who originally said we needed $3000 to $4000 worth of work, then backed down to $772 termite treatment within 45 minutes of me telling them no, on top of the $110 we paid for the inspection. We called Nick at Loyal Termite & Pest Control, who scheduled Phillip to come out and provide a second opinion for $75. They notified us when they were coming, sent us a picture of Phillip, so we knew it was him. Phillip did the inspection and found no signs of a current termite problem. He promptly called to notify me and the report was written and delivered to the closing attorney with 24 hours. I am glad there are still some honest people in the pest control business!!

- James Toczko