Your home should be a place of safety and comfort. You should be able to rest in your house without worrying about predators coming out at night. If there are bed bugs in your home, your house is no longer the safe and comfortable place you need it to be. Because of that, you need to eliminate the bugs and get your house back.

The Old Methods

You have probably heard about the old methods of bed bug treatment. A pest control company arrives at the home and conducts a visual inspection. Since visual inspections are not accurate, the company has to treat the entire home.

Some people still choose this method. When they use the old method, they end up having to prepare their entire house for the treatment. They have to worry about losing their furniture and other items. They also have to find a place to stay during the treatment.

When you choose this method, the bed bugs win. They get to take over your home and take money out of your pocket. Don’t use the old methods. Instead, use the innovative bed bug detection method provided by Loyal Termite & Pest Control so you can keep your home and your belongings.

The Latest Method

Loyal Termite & Pest Control provides the most innovative bed bug detection method available. We use a canine detection unit to search for the bugs. Unlike people who rely on sight, our dogs use their noses to find the bugs.

Our dogs are specially trained in scent detection. They know how to find live bed bugs and alert their handlers.

Feel the confidence that comes with hiring Loyal Termite & Pest Control. When you hire us, we will:

  • Find the bed bugs
  • Come back after treatment to make sure all bugs were eliminated
  • Problem solve the difficult infestation

Save time, money and the headache that comes with the old methods. Use the latest in bed bug detection and get results. You don’t have to live with bed bugs. Use our canine detection team so your home can be free of bed bugs.

Contact Loyal Termite & Pest Control today. If you are tired of living with bed bugs, we are just a call or click away.


Bottom Decor

We needed a termite inspection for a closing on the sale of my Mom's house. We called another pest control company, who originally said we needed $3000 to $4000 worth of work, then backed down to $772 termite treatment within 45 minutes of me telling them no, on top of the $110 we paid for the inspection. We called Nick at Loyal Termite & Pest Control, who scheduled Phillip to come out and provide a second opinion for $75. They notified us when they were coming, sent us a picture of Phillip, so we knew it was him. Phillip did the inspection and found no signs of a current termite problem. He promptly called to notify me and the report was written and delivered to the closing attorney with 24 hours. I am glad there are still some honest people in the pest control business!!

- James Toczko