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Travel is a prime source of bed bug prevention. There are literally hundreds of places where your luggage can come into contact with bed bugs. Your hotel room, in the trunk of the taxi, in the baggage compartment of the airplane, or in the baggage handling facility at the airport are just a few of the prime hot spots.

Because bed bug problems are known to start after returning from a trip, it’s important to know how to keep you and your luggage safe from them while traveling! Keep reading for expert bed bug prevention tips from Loyal & Termite Pest Control.

How do Bed Bugs Spread Through Traveling?

Motels and cheaper hotels may have a reputation for their lack of cleanliness, but bed bugs can be a problem even in luxury hotels. With so many people from around the world checking in and out of hotels on a daily basis, pest problems are bound to happen in buildings that don’t implement proper pest control and prevention.

The best thing you can do to prevent bed bugs while traveling is research! When you are booking hotels, it’s important to always check the reviews to note any complaints of bed bugs or other pests. While simple, this step can help prevent the surprise of booking an infested place to stay.

Bed Bug Prevention When Traveling

Some of the steps you should take to ensure you stay bed bug-free on your vacation include:

  1. Properly packing your suitcase. Use a suitcase with a hard casing/shell, and wrap all clothing and fabric items in plastic bags.
  2. Thoroughly inspecting your hotel room when you arrive. Pull back the bedsheets and look between the mattress and box springs for bed bugs. Look for signs of eggs, feces, or skin that have been shed.
  3. Never store your luggage on the floor. Always place luggage on suitcase racks or on top of dressers.
  4. Take precautions when you return home. Wash and dry all of your clothing in a hot water wash, and vacuum or steam-clean your suitcase before storing it away.

Bed Bug Prevention After a Trip

Even if you’ve taken every step to avoid bed bugs while traveling, it’s still possible to bring these pesky bugs home with you. As soon as you notice the signs of bed bugs, it’s time to call in a bed bug exterminator. The bed bug extermination team at Loyal Termite & Pest Control has the decades of experience needed to thoroughly inspect and treat your home for bed bugs.

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Prevent Bed Bugs While Traveling in Virginia

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