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Early detection is all-important in preventing bed bugs from gaining control of your home. Finding out you have a bed bug problem can be overwhelming, which is why it’s crucial to take the steps to prevent them in the first place. Even the cleanest homes can be infested when you’re not careful enough.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can effectively keep bed bugs out of your home. Read on to learn some of the ways to prevent bed bugs in your property.

How do Bed Bugs Get Inside?

Bed bug problems are more common than ever, and it can be dumbfounding trying to determine the cause of the infestation. Whether unintentionally brought in by a house guest, attached to your luggage from your recent trip, or embedded in that antique piece of furniture you just purchased, bed bugs can get inside more easily than you may want to admit.

Bed bug infestations have been on the rise in the last decade from traveling alone, which is why it’s important to take extra caution after a trip. Bed bugs are known to infest items beyond your mattress, including power outlets and bed frames.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

No one wants to deal with a bed bug infestation.

A few ways you can prevent bed bugs include:

  1. Know the signs of bed bugs.
    • These insects leave behind dark fecal spots on mattresses and upholstery, along with pale-yellow shell casings and their white, sticky eggs.
    • Bites from the bugs are usually red, itchy, and appear in rows or zigzags.
  2. Be wary of used items.
    • Transporting used goods into your home is an easy way to get bed bugs.
    • Always thoroughly check any used items before bringing them in the home.
  3. Protect your mattress.
    • A mattress cover that can withstand tears or holes will be extremely helpful in keeping bed bugs out.
  4. Be cautious while traveling.
    • Infestations infamously begin when the bugs are brought home from a trip after visiting an infested hotel.

Bed Bug Control & Removal Services

The first step to preventing bed bugs is to be aware of how easy it is to get them! Bed bugs are difficult to locate and can spread at rapid rates, making it all the more important to call a professional bed bug exterminator as soon as you suspect bed bug activity in your property. If you would like additional information or have questions about bed bugs, call Loyal Termite & Pest Control today!

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Keeping Bed Bugs Out of Your Home in Virginia

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