Sounds like the title of a horror film, doesn’t it? For many Americans; to experience the heartache of a bed bug infestation in their home IS horrifying. I’m Hunter, Central Virginia’s exclusive K-9 Termite Detective. I’m proud to work, and bark, at Loyal Termite and Pest Control. Welcome back to my “dog-blog”, “What’s Buggin’ You?SM“. This week’s blog is intended to educate my readers about some really creepy little critters; bed bugs. Education is the most important element in understanding these bloodthirsty creatures; what they are, their habits, and how they can be avoided!

So I don’t give you information overload in one blog, I will continue this bed bug saga in next weeks sequel blog, “The Return of the Blood Suckers #2”. Humankind and bed bugs have been coexisting since the cave people; just like fleas and the Earth’s first known dogs. The single most desired food source for these kissing bugs (insect speak for bloodsuckers) is human blood. They emerge from hiding, during the middle of the night, and are attracted to the carbon dioxide secreted by humans while they are sleeping. They settle on the skin and inject a painless probe into their victim allowing them to feed until fully gorged. This takes about 5 minutes; before retreating to digest. One feeding may suffice for several weeks, or several months, depending on blood availability. The more they feed the more they multiply; resulting in a bed bug infestation; a scary situation for any homeowner.

The 1950’s began the era of chemical warfare on bed bugs. Because of the use of DDT, and other harmful compounds, the spread of bed bugs across the globe came to a screeching halt; until the early 1990’s that is. The harmful chemicals were taken off the world market, a chemical resistant bed bug began to emerge, international travel exploded, and now bed bugs are evident in all 50 states. Some experts say it’s not IF we will experience bed bugs, it’s WHEN! The consensus is, “this bug isn’t going away soon”.

There is a positive message in this bed bug story. New technologies are introduced weekly in the fight against bed bugs. Scientists are constantly exploring eco-friendly methods to attack and eliminate bed bug infestations. Here at Loyal, our Quality Pro inspectors and technicians practice continuing education to stay ahead of our local bed bug problem. Our company works closely with our clients to provide them with the safest and most effective means currently available in the eradication of bed bugs from their home.

As I said earlier, education is most important in understanding and coping with, America’s bed bug pandemic. “The Return of the Blood Suckers #2” sequel will give you readers as much information as possible about bed bug recognition, and specific steps you can take to avoid bringing these persistent hitchhikers into your home.

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Until then, this is Hunter; Loyal’s Certified K-9 Termite Detective, asking, “What’s Buggin’ You?SM

Bed Bugs – The Return of the Blood Suckers!! in Virginia

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