Hello, my Loyal “dog-blog” enthusiasts! Thank you for joining me, once again, for this week’s edition of “What’s Buggin’ You?”SM. In this edition, I’m as excited as a kitty-cat to feature a NEW product which was developed by lead scientists at DuPont. This product has set a new standard in the treatment of termites and termite infestations. Its name is ALTRISET.

Perhaps you have heard of it. DuPont has been advertising its recent introduction into the market via an influx of radio and print advertising ads. Only the most reputable termite and pest control companies are authorized to use it. Why? This is a very high profile product that DuPont has spent millions of dollars on to develop. The manufacturer wants ALTRISET to be used responsibly, by responsible distributors. They do not want to have the product’s name tarnished in any way because of a company’s incompetence in its use, and indifference to total customer satisfaction by the end consumer. Loyal Termite and Pest Control; a Quality Pro Company (our industry’s most respected designation), is very proud to be an authorized user of this remarkable breakthrough product.

ALTRISET is the first major innovation in termiticide technology since the year 2000. It is a unique combination of powerful, effective, and environmentally smart. After 8 years of intensive study; industry and Government experts are giving it high marks because it has a very low impact on the environment including mammals, birds, bees, fish and other animals. The end consumer is most concerned about their children and pets; you know my being a pet, I like that! Ruff-Ruff! ALTRISET is the first and only liquid termiticide that does not have any signal word such as WARNING or CAUTION on the label! It does not require any specific first aid intervention if anyone is exposed. Technicians are not even required to wear any protective equipment like gloves or eyewear. In the world of termite and pest control, this is an absolute first.

What makes ALTRISET so special? DuPont scientists discovered breakthrough chemistry while studying natural insect repellant substances found in certain tree and shrub bark. Here’s how it works. Our Loyal termite control specialist applies ALTRISET to targeted areas. The first wave of termites to come in contact with ALTRISET walks through it, ingest it, and carry it on their bodies. They can not taste or smell it. Termites are social insects. Exposed termites perform increased grooming and interaction so they spread the ALTRISET among other colony members. The active ingredient works by paralyzing the mouths of termites. Termites live to eat wood. If the worker termites cannot eat they will die. If the worker termites are not available to feed the rest of the colony; the colony will eventually die. Mission accomplished!

Because I am a trained K-9 Termite Detective; I know the amount of destruction a colony of termites can inflict on a home. The combination of ALTRISET, with Loyal Company’s expertise in its use; WILL take care of any termite infestation problem, you or anyone you know, might have. Call us for a FREE inspection today!

If you have any questions call us at 804-737-7777, “Like” us on our facebook page, facebook.com/loyalpest, Follow us on Twitter, @loyalpest, or fill in the contact section on our website, loyalpest.com.

Until then, this is Hunter; Loyal’s Certified K-9 Termite Detective, asking, “What’s Buggin’ You?”

ALTRISET – Breakthrough Chemistry by DuPont in Virginia

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