As I said last week; Daddy Nick gave me a nice list of our regional household pests that I have been following along and writing about weekly in my “dog-blog”. Although I am very well educated about the insect world in general, with termites being my specialty, Daddy Nick has exposed me to new species’ that we barely touched on in Termite Detective School.

Hello Loyal friends and “dog-blog” fans; welcome back to my blog “What’s Buggin’ You?” It has been nearly two weeks since I left Richmond, my loving family the Lupinis’, and all my good buddies who work at Loyal Termite and Pest Control. The photo above is me anxiously looking at Daddy Nick at the Richmond Airport before my flight departure for Florida. I’m not much of a flyer. I think that shows in this photo.

If you read my monthly column, “Hunter’s Backyard” in Loyal’s June 2013 edition of our company newsletter, The Loyal News, you know that I am now in Florida on a 9-week adventure. I’m feeling déjà vu all over again being down here at the Florida Canine Academy where I studied and received my certification as a Certified K-9 Termite Detective. Bill Whitstine, who owns the academy, is a Certified Master Trainer (CMT). He is the person responsible for rescuing me from a local Florida pound, taking me in to his renowned academy, training me to sniff out termites while I learned about the world of household pests, and finally making arrangements for me to be adopted by Daddy Nick and Mama Gena Lupini to begin my new life dedicated to my family and their business, Loyal Termite and Pest Control.

I am tail waggin’ happy to be with him once again and be in this outstanding environment making new friends, learning new things, and going through a strict physical training regiment like never before; in order to become the best duel-threat detection K-9 in Central Virginia. If you remember from my column, I am going through an updated remedial program in termite detection but more importantly, when I finish this program; I will be a Certified K-9 Bed-bug Detective!

To be able to proceed to work with my family and friends at Loyal Termite and Pest Control makes me pant with joy. I can’t wait to get back and go to work, but there is much to learn and much to do before I am ready for that.

I will continue to post my weekly blog on Loyal’s website ( while I am down here in Florida. Today’s technology is amazing! Daddy Nick gave me a new iPad before I left so I can email home and write my blog to keep my friends and fans informed of my progress from week to week.

I do get tired though; it’s up at 5:00 AM every morning, a two-mile run/walk, a hearty and nutritious breakfast; and that is just the beginning of the day. There is so much to learn.

Stay tuned; as I continue my adventure to one day be able to be referred to as Hunter the “Superdog”; a dog-gone smart duel-threat detection dog, dedicated to my work at Loyal Termite and Pest Control, my family (the Lupines’’) and all the future clients we hope to assist in our quest to be the “Best of the Wrest” termite and pest control company in Central Virginia. When I get back I’ll be barking loud and clear:

When it comes to termite and pest control; Hunter says,
“If you got ‘em, we’ll get ‘em!”

I’ll bark at you again next week, Ruff! Ruff!

“Well Florida Here I Am!” – Hunter Begins His New Adventure (1) in Virginia

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