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How Much Damage Can Termites Cause in Eastern and Central Virginia?

Out of all pest problems, termite infestations are by far the most costly. Nationwide, termite infestations cost an average total of 5 billion dollars in damages each year.

Termite damage is feared because it often means structural damage to your property. Termites feed on cellulose, an organic material found in wood, so every standard home construction type is at risk. Termites will also infest items in or around your property including patio decks, tree houses, sheds, and more.

How Much Damage Can Termites Cause in your Henrico VA property - Loyal Termite & Pest Control

What Are the First Signs of Termite Damage?

Unfortunately, seeing termite damage of any sort is often a sign that there has been an infestation going on for some time in your property. Always keep your eye out for mud tubes, damaged wood, termite droppings (called frass), shed swarmer wings, and swarmer termites themselves. Noticing any of these first signs of termites can help stop a termite infestation from forming or getting worse in your property.

The Extent of Termite Infestation Damage

Termite damage will not happen overnight. These pests work slowly but reproduce quickly, which makes for a dangerous pairing. Since these wood-boring insects are largely silent, it’s difficult to notice them until the damage has been done. Any homeowner is susceptible to getting termites, and the amount of damage caused by infestations depends on several factors.

Termite Damage in Eastern and Central Virginia Homes

If there is a colony infesting a property for more than a few years, the damage could be significant. After all, termites infest and damage thousands of homes throughout the nation every year. Regular inspections and termite control services are the best ways to prevent the damage caused by termites here in Virginia.

How Much Damage Can Termites Cause? in Virginia

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