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Buying a Home With Termite Damage in Eastern and Central Virginia

You may be worried about buying a home with termite damage, but it is completely normal and safe as long as the termite infestation has been cleared.

It’s easy to understand why you may think twice about buying a home with a history of termites. However, unless there is an active termite infestation, it is absolutely safe to purchase a property that once had a termite problem. As long as precautions are taken, including a WDI report, you can rest easy putting a down payment on a property.

Buying a home with termites damage in Henrico VA property - Loyal Termite & Pest Control

Selling a Home With a History of Termites

Any type of structure damage in your home, including termite damage, would lessen the value when trying to sell. However, that doesn’t mean your property is unsellable by any means. Whether you had a past infestation that was treated and caused minimal damage or have active termites in the home, it’s important to be upfront about termite infestations when selling the home. Always be prepared to pay for inspections, treatments, and even repairs if necessary.

How to Buy a Home With Termite Damage

If you’ve fallen in love with a property that once had a termite problem, there’s no reason to panic. There are several things you can do to ensure you are making a safe and wise decision:

  1. Get a WDI report that will uncover any evidence of past, present, or possible future infestations.
  2. If damage is found, you may be able to negotiate costs with the seller to cover treatment and repair expenses.
  3. Ask the seller for any infestation history the home may have just in case the WDI report missed something.
  4. If a home has significant structural damage or active termites, it’s up to the buyer to decide whether or not they want to still purchase the home.
  5. So long as any past infestation has been properly taken care of, you should not let a history of termites stop you from buying your dream home.

Homes With Termite Damage in Virginia

Just as you would with any property, the key to preventing termite damage in your new or old home is regular termite control services. This will make the process easier when you need to buy or sell your home.

Buying a Home With Termite Damage in Virginia

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