How to Remove Ticks Safely

American dog tick found in Richmond VA - Loyal Termite & Pest ControlStaying aware of ticks becomes more and more important as the temperatures outside swell into summer. The warmer months of the year come with increasing animal populations and more habitable conditions, working together to provide the perfect environment for ticks. Not only do they target people and our pets, they are also known to carry many threatening diseases, including the dreaded Lyme disease. Learning the most trusted method of tick removal will keep you and your family safe from diseases this summer.

Types of Ticks in Richmond VA

If you can tell apart different tick species in your area, you will be better off in your efforts to avoid Lyme disease and other serious illnesses transmitted by ticks. Here are the kinds of ticks to look out for in Richmond VA:

  • Black-legged tick: These are the smallest ticks in the region at just about ⅛” in length, and unfortunately, they are carriers of Lyme disease. You are most susceptible to contract this disease from black-legged ticks in their nymph stage. They can be told apart from other tick species by their size and darker coloration.
  • Lone star tick: These ticks are larger, lighter in color, and rounder than black-legged ticks. Female lone star ticks have long mouthparts and a white-spotted back. They thrive in densely vegetated areas.
  • American dog tick: Also called wood ticks, American dog ticks look very similar to the lone star tick. Both the male and female have white markings along the back, and their color is more of a reddish-brown than a pale brown.

Lyme disease can only be contracted through a black-legged tick bite – American dog ticks and lone star ticks are not known to carry the disease.

Tick removal guide - Loyal Termite & Pest Control in Eastern & Central VirginiaSafe Tick Removal Strategy

You must remove ticks from your skin as soon as you find them to lessen your chances of contracting a disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have laid out these steps to remove ticks safely:

  1. Pinch the tick as close to the skin as you can with a pair of tweezers.
  2. Steadily pluck the tick out of the skin. Twisting the tweezers while pulling away can leave the tick’s mouthparts lodged in your body. In this case, just use the tweezers again to take the mouthparts out of the skin.
  3. Clean the bitten skin with rubbing alcohol or soap and warm water after removing the tick.
  4. Do not crush the tick with your fingers. Properly dispose of the tick by tossing it in a sealed trash bin, placing it in alcohol, or flushing it.

Be sure to consult a medical professional if you develop a rash or experience a fever during the next 2-3 weeks following a tick bite.

How Loyal Termite & Pest Control Can Help with Ticks

Contact your local pest control company if you’ve been noticing a rising number of ticks on your property. Our tick specialists at Loyal Termite & Pest Control can help to eliminate ticks in your area and inform you of the best ways to keep away from ticks where you live. For a free tick control estimate, contact us today!