It’s been a long time coming and no pup could be more excited than I am right now. My K-9 Bedbug Detective Training graduation is happening this Saturday and I am proud to say I reached my goal of graduating number #1 in my class. The honor of graduating “Magna Bark Loudly” in this class, as well as, in my prior K-9 Termite Detective Training class puts me in a unique position as the only graduate in the history of this Academy to hold this honor in two separate disciplines. I will again give the Commencement Speech during the graduating ceremony. This is a great honor.

If you remember in my prior blogs, I have been mentoring a brilliant young pup; Buster or Little “B” as I call him. He aspires to be the same type of team leader that I have been throughout my career. “B” has not left my side since we got here. In every category; classroom, field study, physical training, and real-time exercises, Little “B” has come in second only to me in every section. He will be a K-9 Bedbug Detective superstar in North Carolina and with my continued long distance tutoring; he will soon have his own weekly blog and monthly column in his company’s newsletter. I’m proud of you Little “B”.

Daddy Nick and Mama Gena are coming down for my graduation. I can’t wait to see them! I have missed them so much and am very anxious to get back to Richmond and get back to work at our family business Loyal Termite and Pest Control. I don’t know at this time exactly how it is all going to work out when I get back and get settled in.

Mama Gena said that the three of us are going to take a few days off and just relax. Believe me, that is music to my floppy little ears. She said we are going to head to a quiet beach and just run and play and chase Frisbee, and eat all kinds of snacks. I can’t wait!

You know what? Something weird happened when I was talking with her on the phone. When I started talking about getting back home and seeing brother dog “Murdock” and getting back to work; I could tell she was starting to cry. I asked her, “Is brother “Murdock” all right?” She said “Yes”, and then handed the phone to Daddy Nick. I asked Daddy Nick if everything was OK. He told me that everything is just fine, that the whole family and everyone at Loyal Termite and Pest Control was very proud of me and all that I had accomplished here at the Academy. He said, “Hunter, you, Gena and I are going to take a few days to have fun and relax. We have some very important news to share with you and we will explain when we are together this coming week. With that, he said, “We love you very much and we will see you Saturday.”

Whatever Daddy Nick and Mama Gena have to tell me, I will be sharing with all the kind folks that read my column, “Hunter’s Backyard” in the September Edition of The Loyal News newsletter coming out next week. If you would like to receive an email copy of The Loyal News, simply go to our website and give us your email address.

This will be my last weekly blog until I fully understand what plans Daddy Nick and Mama Gena have for me in my new role at Loyal Termite and Pest Control.

Thank you for being such Loyal “dog-blog” fans. This is my 73rd consecutive blog; now that’s a whole lot of pickin’ and peckin’ on a keyboard when you think about it. I know it won’t be very long before I return to you and continue my weekly blog, “What’s Buggin’ You?”

Thank you again and God Bless.

Hunter’s Florida Training Academy Update – Finally; All Training Complete and Ready for Life’s Next Phase in Virginia

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