Ants infesting bathrooms in Eastern & Central VA - Loyal Termite & Pest ControlMany different species of ants are active in Eastern & Central Virginia. Emerging throughout the year in response to rapidly changing weather conditions, ants seek food, water, and shelter inside our homes. More often than not, they find what they’re looking for in our bathrooms. But why is it that ants infest our bathrooms so often, and what can we do to stop them? Read on to learn all about bathroom ant prevention with the expert ant exterminators at Loyal Termite & Pest Control!

Why Ants May Be Infesting Your Bathroom

The consistent sources of water and moisture make bathrooms attractive to all kinds of ant species. Water pools up on the floor, in your shower, and in your sink, creating easily accessible places for ants to hydrate as they continue their search for food. Carpenter ants are common offenders, breaking into bathrooms through water-damaged wood to get to your internal structural beams. That said, you’re likely to find any one of a long list of ant species crawling around in your bathroom this summer. Ants usually make it into our bathrooms through these entry points:

  • Holes near plumbing fixtures
  • Open doors and windows
  • Ventilation system openings
  • Cracks in the walls and foundation

The ants in your bathroom might have even traveled there from another room in your home, so it’s important to try to find the source of their trail to get ahead of the problem.

How to Get Rid of Ants in the Bathroom

Finding the beginning of your ant trail is actually the most important part of ant control. Taking out their colony is the only way to make sure your ant problem never returns. However, this can be very hard to do when ants so commonly sneak their way into our bathrooms through pipes, walls, and vents. This is why we highly recommend taking preventative measures early to prevent infestations. Try these at home:

  • Find and replace any water-damaged wood in your home
  • Move mulch away from your home’s siding and trim any plants resting against your home
  • Seal cracks on the exterior of your home with a silicone-based caulk
  • Make sure your windows and doors close all the way
  • Keep your bathroom well-ventilated

Best Ant Control in Eastern & Central VA

Finding an ant colony can be quite difficult, especially when your home is being invaded from multiple angles by more than one colony. If you need help getting rid of ants in your bathroom, reach out to your local ant exterminators. Our team at Loyal Termite & Pest Control can identify the reasons for your problem, correct any active vulnerabilities and protect your home from ants going forward. To learn more about how we do it and receive a free quote, contact us today!

Get Rid of Ants Infesting the Bathroom in Virginia

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