Hello, good humans. This is Hunter; the well educated Loyal Termite and Pest Control K-9 Termite Detective, continuing my series on household pests that would love to spend the winter with you and your family in the comforts of your home. To this group, your home is a much better option than outside in the cold with all the other miserable bugs and frost weary critters.

In the Part #1 blog in this series; I gave you all a “punch list” to follow in order to seal up your home and keep these freeloaders outside! As it gets colder this season, you will be much happier if you have completed this bug prevention “punch list”. Why?  The hopeful “Snow-birds” who want to winter in your home are left outside or harboring in someone else’s home.

The bug of choice this week is another little-understood creature, the Carpet Beetle. It’s interesting to think about the carpet beetle wintering in your home because of the unlimited food supply you provide. Here is a short list of what it will consume in its adult stage, and it’s larvae stage; dried pet food, hides, feathers, felt, lint/hair in return-air ducts, cereals, woolen rugs/clothing, silk, spices, corn meal, potato chips (I like them too), and dead insects. The list goes on. Not too picky are they? Stink Bugs and Lady Bugs; critters I have written about in this series provide plenty of meals for the Carpet Beetle as they become trapped within your interior walls. When they die, the Carpet Beetle is there to clean up the mess. Nice thought isn’t it? Ruff!

Successful control of infestations depends on locating the source of the infestation. It may be a woolen toy stored in the basement, soiled woolen socks in boots, a felt hat on the shelf, as I mentioned; dead insects in walls or attic, bits of dried dog food, or similar materials. If you find infested material, either clean it thoroughly or destroy the item. Be aware of crevices where lint, hair, and food particles have accumulated. These are typical places likely to be infested with Carpet Beetles.

If you are a having yearly problems with these and other overwintering “Snow-bird” critters; you should probably call a professional to evaluate your problem. They will then eliminate your problem before the infestation causes you physical damage, or worse, becomes a health issue. This makes me think of a catchy little tune I have been singing the past couple of months. Maybe you have sung this with me a couple of times. If you have a problem, and this tune comes to your mind, the solution is just a call away.

Who ya’ gonna’ call? Call Loyal!! Remember to hear the “Ghostbusters” tune as you sing, Who ya’ gonna’ call? Call Loyal!!  How about one more time for the Gipper? Who ya’ gonna’ call?  Call Loyal!! You know, the more I sing that tune, the more I want others to sing it and have fun with it like I do.

I haven’t finished this series yet. Stay tuned. Next week,  I’ll provide you with valuable information on another pesky critter that wants to winter with you and your family.

If you have any questions; give us a call, check into our website, or chat with us on social media. Until next time this is Hunter, just wondering, What’s Buggin’ You? Bark at you later, Ruff! Ruff!

Fall Season Means Unwanted Critter Guests – Part #5 (Carpet Beetles) in Virginia

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