Hi there, Loyal “dog-blog” fans! This is Hunter; continuing my 4 part saga about unwanted critter guests entering your home during fall, and into winter. With the cold weather coming quickly, there are tons of household pests of all varieties wanting to hang around you and your family in the comfort of your cozy home. In part one; I spoke about everyone’s favorite pest, Rodents! I know, that wasn’t funny the first time I said it and it isn’t funny now. This blog will be about another group of home-loving little creatures; Sting Bugs.

By now, I’m sure you all have seen a Stink Bug. They look a little like a tiny armored truck. If you have stepped on one, I know you are familiar with them. As a final gift to you, for the smashing, the stinker let you have a dose of Stink Bug aroma that is hard to forget!

The Stink Bug’s formal name is; brown marmorated stink bug, (BMSB). A native of Asia, the (BMSB) first arrived here in the middle 1990’s. Since then, they have been causing havoc all across the United States. The (BMSB) is a ferocious eater of all forms of vegetation. 2010 was a particularly devastating year in loses all up and down the Atlantic. They destroyed over $37 million of the year’s apple crop. 20% of all of the agriculture in Northern Virginia was wiped out. They have been seen in soybean fields all across Virginia, and have been known to wipe out complete soybean fields!

It is obvious this little creature is a huge problem and there seems to be no immediate relief in sight. 2012 has been a year of record warmth and the (BMSB) completed a full second generation. Some scientists fear we may be seeing a renaissance of (BMSB) in 2013 similar to the watershed year of 2010.

(BMSB)s seek refuge in warm homes during the winter to protect themselves from the harsh weather and dangerous predators. They like to chill-out, as their foods of choice are not available during the winter. Researchers have recently discovered, the prime winter hangout for millions of years has been the loose bark of freshly deceased but still standing trees. The opportunity for refuge now is much greater than just the old tree bark hideout. Today, if they have to, will harbor in loose siding or other similar little hide-outs. However; when it comes to their winter spot of choice; it is in the dark quiet reaches of your warm and cozy home.

In part one of this series, I wrote out a comprehensive list, or punch list if you will, for my readers to prepare their homes and protect against the entry of these uninvited house guests. Refer to lasts week’s Hunter’s Blog – Part #1 (Rodents), to get that list. If you complete the list, your chance of having (BMSB)s spend the winter with you and your family will be greatly reduced.

Of course, if you need a professional pest control service, “Who ya’ gonna’ call? Call Loyal!! You should be aware, by now, of the tune to hum these words to; so we’ll do it one more time to that tune; Who ya’ gonna’ call? Call Loyal?

If you have any questions; give us a call, check out our website, or contact us through social media.

Until next time, this is Hunter, Loyal’s K-9 Termite Detective, wondering; What’s Buggin’ You? I’ll bark at you again next week. Ruff! Ruff!


Fall Season Means Unwanted Critter Guests – Part #2 (Stink Bugs) in Virginia

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