This dubious title belongs to a bug whose fossil remains have been discovered to date back before the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Hello Loyal “dog-blog” fans. I’m Hunter, Loyal’s exclusive K-9 Termite Detective; welcoming you back to this week’s edition of my blog “What’s Buggin’ You?”SM

I guess you figured I’d get to these creepy little critters sooner or later. Well, here we are. As it is my intent in all my educational blogs; I think it is important that we understand all of our regional household pests and how they affect each of us and our families.

The most common of all cockroaches is the German cockroach. This particular species is found worldwide. They are found throughout structures but show a preference for warm and humid places. They are usually found in kitchens and bathrooms, but infestations often occur in rooms where people eat and drink. German cockroaches prefer to live in cracks and crevices near food sources and spend 75% of their time in such harborages. Because they prefer to live close to food and water is why their habitat includes residential and commercial kitchen environments.

Cockroaches have been reported to spread at least 33 kinds of bacteria, six kinds of parasitic worms, and at least seven other kinds of human pathogens. They can pick up germs on the spines or their legs and bodies as they crawl through decaying matter or sewage and then carry these into food or onto food surfaces. Germs that cockroaches eat from decaying matter or sewage are protected while in their bodies and remain infective for several weeks longer than if they had been exposed to cleaning agents, rinse water, or just sunlight and air. Medical studies have shown that cockroach allergens cause lots of allergic reactions, especially in children. They have also been shown to cause to cause asthma in children. These allergens build up in deposits of droppings, secretions, cast skins, and dead bodies of roaches.

Of all the household pests; cockroaches are the most dangerous in terms of distributing disease. It is important, especially if you have children, to do all you can do to prevent an infestation of cockroaches. Remember to:

  • Seal cracks around the outside of the house to prevent pest entryways.
  • Properly ventilate basements and crawl spaces to eliminate harborage points.
  • Vacuum frequently and remove garbage from around the home on a routine basis.
  • Do not allow dirty dishes to accumulate in the sink and remain there overnight.
  • Keep food in the refrigerator or in containers with tight-fitting lids to prevent contamination.
  • Periodically check and clean the evaporation pan under the refrigerator or freezer.
  • If you suspect you have an infestation, contact Loyal too identify the species and recommend a course of treatment.

If you see two or three cockroaches, you’re likely to have an infestation that needs immediate attention. Call Loyal ASAP to solve your cockroach problem.

I appreciate you being with me this week. I hope you learned a little bit. If you have any questions; give us a call, or check us out on social media. Until next time, this is Hunter, your Loyal K-9 Termite Detective barking, “What’s Buggin’ You?”SM

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