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It’s easy to see why spiders are one of the most feared insects of all time. As scary as spiders may look, most spiders are not dangerous. In fact, spiders are beneficial to our environment and even aid in reducing other pest populations.

That said, there are two spiders in particular that are dangerous in central and eastern Virginia: the black widow and the brown recluse. If either of these spiders is infesting your home, it’s important to call the spider exterminators at Loyal Termite & Pest Control.

The difference between black widows and brown recluses in Eastern & Central Virginia - Loyal Termite & Pest ControlDangerous Spiders in Virginia

The number one concern when it comes to spiders is whether they’re poisonous or not. The truth is that all spiders are venomous! TAll spider species contain venom, which is used to paralyze and kill other insects they prey upon. The good news is that the venom from your typical house spider won’t cause any serious symptoms.

However, a bite from the following spiders can be much more dangerous, which is why it’s so important to be able to identify them:

  1. Black widow: Females infamously possess a characteristic red hourglass mark on the abdomen of their black, shiny bodies.
  2. Brown recluse: These are light brown spiders best identified by a dark brown, violin-shaped spot on the dorsum.

How do Outdoor Spiders Get In?

Seeing spiders is a normal occurrence, but are they all meant to live outdoors? The truth is that there are both indoor and outdoor spiders! House spiders prefer to live exclusively indoors and are typically completely harmless. In fact, indoor spiders will help keep the insect population inside your home under control and will avoid contact with you. Like any other pest, spiders make their way indoors like any other pest—this is only dangerous when the invading spider is a brown recluse or black widow.

Dangerous Spider Exterminators

If you are seeing a lot of spider webs in or near your home, it’s time to call a professional spider exterminator. The exterminators at Loyal Termite & Pest Control can inspect your property and determine whether you’re dealing with dangerous spiders or not. For more information on our spider extermination, give us a call today!

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Are Spiders Dangerous? in Virginia

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