stink bug invades Virginia home - loyal pest control tells you how to get rid of stink bugs

Why does it seem like stink bugs are everywhere these days? It’s not just your imagination – they are actually becoming more common in Virginia due to rising average temperatures creating an ideal environment for them to thrive and multiply. Yes, our beloved Old Dominion is slowly but surely turning into a stink bug paradise. But it’s not to worry – stink bugs are harmless to humans and fairly easy to get rid of. 

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best ideas for how to get rid of stink bugs in Virginia homes and businesses. 

When Do Stink Bugs Emerge in Northern Virginia?

Stink bugs are sensitive to the cold. Typically, they die out or go dormant in the winter. In the spring, they emerge and lay eggs. Their populations tend to peak in summer and into the fall.

How Can You Get Rid of Stink Bugs?

Stink bugs are often slow and unafraid of people. That means it’s usually pretty easy to get rid of individual stink bugs yourself. Some popular ways to get rid of stink bugs include:

  • Eject them – If you see a single stink bug, don’t hesitate to trap it and throw it outside. It’s the easiest way. No, it won’t solve a stink bug infestation, but if there are a few around the house bothering you, this can make a big difference.
  • Squash them? – There’s a debate over whether or not it’s a good idea to smash stink bugs. Yes, they will release their stinking odor if you do, but if you’re not bothered by a temporary stink, there’s no quicker way to deal with individuals.
  • Vacuum them – If your vacuum has a long hose attachment and/or you don’t want to get close, this can be a great stink bug elimination technique. Just make sure you empty the vacuum contents into a sealed bag immediately afterward. Otherwise, stink bugs can climb out and escape.
  • DIY stink bug traps – Stink bugs are not intelligent, and this DIY trap can work wonders under the right circumstances. Fill a small tray with soapy water and place it under a lamp. They will be drawn to the light, but when they arrive they’ll fall into the water and drown.
  • Indoor pesticides – We don’t recommend applying pesticides indoors yourself except as a last resort. If you’ve reached this point, consider hiring a professional stink bug exterminator instead, as they will be able to get much better results.

Schedule Your Stink Bug Treatment Today

Stink bugs are good at two things: 1) stinking and 2) bugging you. Especially if you’re sensitive to their smell or if you have pets that can’t leave them alone, it can be very frustrating to share your home with them. 

If you’ve had enough, the experienced exterminators at Loyal Termite & Pest Control are ready to step in and solve the problem. Give us a call today to schedule your treatment.

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