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Have you found small droppings in the hidden corners of your home or business? This is a sign that rats or mice are running around in your walls, crawl spaces, attic, or basement. But how do you know which one you’re dealing with? Because it takes a tailored approach to conduct the most efficient rodent control for mice vs rats, it’s important to be able to identify which rodents you’re dealing with based on any evidence you can find. Read on to learn how to tell apart mouse vs rat droppings in Eastern & Central VA with the experts at Loyal Termite & Pest Control!

Mouse Poop vs Rat Poop

Being able to tell the difference between mouse vs rat droppings can help you move to the right rodent control measures sooner. Take time to learn the following:

  • What does mouse poop look like? Mice are smaller than rats, so their droppings are smaller, too. Mouse droppings look like small, oval-shaped pellets that taper at one end. They aren’t often longer than ¼”.
  • What does rat poop look like? Rat droppings are noticeably larger, usually about ¾” long. They are either rounded or blunted at the ends and usually come in smaller numbers than mouse droppings.

Rats and mice usually leave droppings in the same areas, like along baseboards or in cluttered areas like garages and basements, so it’s important to learn how the differences between rat and mouse droppings by looking at their size and shape.

What To Do When You Find Rodent Droppings

When you find rodent droppings in your home, your first inclination might be to clean them up. However, it is crucial to know that rodent droppings can host many kinds of bacteria and viruses. Trying to sweep or vacuum them up can spread them through the air.

When professional rodent exterminators are performing cleanup during a rodent removal service, they will take several measures to ensure that they stay safe and that no dangerous particles can spread through the area:

  1. Exterminators will use gear like respirators, goggles, and waterproof gloves to limit exposure to bacteria and viruses
  2. They will ensure that the area is properly ventilated and the droppings don’t get moved
  3. Before removal, the technician will spray the area down with disinfectant

Taking these safety precautions will ensure that you don’t expose yourself or other areas in your home to the dangers of rodent droppings.

Rodent Control Experts in Eastern & Central VA

If you are finding rat or mouse droppings in your home or business, it’s time to reach out to your local rodent exterminators for an inspection. Our team at Loyal Termite & Pest Control can inspect your entire property to find any rodent nests, property damage, and droppings, following the inspection with a complete removal service. For a free quote, contact us today!

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Mouse vs Rat Droppings in Virginia

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