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What Do Mosquitoes Look Like?

Although we know of over 3,000 types of mosquitoes in the world today, they all have similar features. Mosquitoes share the following characteristics:

  • Mosquitoes only grow to about ¼ – ½ of an inch in length. At most, they reach 2.5 mg in length.
  • Mosquitoes have different colors and accents depending on their species. Common mosquitoes seen in the U.S. are gray or brown in color. They have white stripes and iridescent scales.
  • All mosquitoes have two wings, an arched back shape, and long legs compared to their bodies. 
  • Mosquitoes have a long proboscis. It is made up of mouthparts that allow them to draw fluids.
What do mosquitoes look like in Eastern and Central Virginia - Loyal Termite & Pest Control

How Can You Tell if It’s A Mosquito?

Mosquitoes are often mistaken for other pests. However, they can be distinguished from other insects by two body parts: their scaled wings and their long proboscis. Mosquitoes can be smaller than you expect, so many people confuse much larger insects for them. In general, mosquitoes’ behavior can help you to identify them.

What Other Bugs Do Mosquitoes Look Like?

It’s not surprising that people misidentify crane flies, midges, gnats, or mayflies as mosquitoes. Here’s how they’re different:

  1. Crane flies: Also called mosquito hawks, these insects look like enlarged mosquitoes, growing to over double their size. They leave humans alone and will not draw blood.
  2. Mayflies: The mayfly has longer, upward-pointing wings and lacks a proboscis. Mayflies also do not sting or bite.
  3. Midges and gnats: Although they are related to mosquitoes, midges don’t often bite, don’t have a proboscis, and don’t pass on diseases. They move in large swarms.

What Types of Mosquitoes Can Be Found in Eastern and Central Virginia?

There are around 150 mosquito species living in the United States. Asian tiger mosquitoes, banded spring mosquitoes, Asian rockpool mosquitoes, and others are frequently found here in Eastern and Central Virginia, and they can be hard to tell apart from each other. To help identify the mosquitoes near you, it’s best to contact a professional mosquito exterminator.

What Do Mosquitoes Look Like? in Virginia

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