Highly effective termite control

Low environmental impact

  • Targeted against termites
  • Little impact on beneficial organisms such as honeybees and earthworms

Your home. Your environment. Balancing priorities is part of every decision. If you want an effective, professional termite control product that also has an excellent environmental profile, DuPont™ Altriset® is the right choice.

Low impact on beneficial organisms

Although Altriset® is extremely effective on termites, its chemistry is targeted so that it has little impact on the organisms you do want in your yard—such as honeybees and earthworms.

Stops Feeding in Hours

Altriset® works by paralyzing the mouths of termites within hours of ingestion, stopping further damage immediately. But Altriset® doesn't stop there. It also increases termites' already social behavior. They groom and exchange food, therefore spreading Altriset® to other colony members.

Here's how it works:

  • Your termite control professional applies Altriset® according to the label directions.
  • The first wave of termites to come into contact with Altriset® walks through it, ingest it and carry it on their bodies. They cannot taste or smell it.
  • Within hours, the mouths of exposed termites become paralyzed to stop further feeding.
  • Exposed termites experience increased grooming and interaction so that they spread Altriset® among other colony members.
  • Over time, termites become more lethargic and show signs of muscle paralysis.
  • Altriset® controls termite populations within three months or less when used in accordance with the label.

Studies Prove Effectiveness

Hundreds of laboratory and field studies conducted by both DuPont and independent laboratories prove that termites quickly acquire a sufficient dose of Altriset® as they tunnel through a treated zone.

Results also show that Altriset® increases termites' socializing and grooming behavior and more so enhance the spread of Altriset® to other colony members. Each group of exposed termites continues this process throughout the colony.

Complete and Long-Lasting Termite Control

Altriset® provides long-term structural protection by controlling termites and leaving residual protection in surrounding soil so that termites don't return.

In fact, studies show that when used in accordance with the label, just one application of Altriset® protects your home from termites for years to come.

Results may vary slightly by location. Your Altriset® termite control professional can outline specific performance guidelines for your region.

After treatment, there are simple steps you can take to ensure maximum results, including:

  • Keeping shrubbery trimmed and away from the house
  • Clearing gutters of water and debris
  • Making sure indoor and outdoor plumbing remains leak-free
  • Sealing cracks in foundation, patio, steps or masonry siding
  • Correct conducive conditions that allow termites to survive and invade a structure such as repairing water leaks and wood in contact with soil
  • Getting yearly inspections by a professional to make sure termites haven't returned


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I use Loyal Termite exclusively on all my Richmond listings. They are prompt, professional and a pleasure to work with! 

- Kristy DeBruhl