David Anderson Hunter

Dog Inspections have become a very important area of expertise for Loyal Termite & Pest Control Company, Inc., providing our customers with another technique to detect bed bugs and/or termites.

An adult bed bug is no larger than ¼ inch, with the 4 other developing stagesmuch smaller than that. They spend 95% of their time in hiding, only coming out at night to feed. Their food of choice? A blood meal from their unsuspecting prey, a sleeping human.

Loyal Termite & Pest Control is fortunate to have a K-9 detectionhero; his name is “Hunter”. He is a certified bed bug detective AND termite detective, earning both of his degrees from a renowned K-9 training facility in Florida.

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell with 70% more receptors than humans. They are able to track scents through rain, mud and snow. Hunter is a very special fellabecause of his talented ability to find unseen bed bugs AND termites. As for bed bugs, with their innate ability to hide because of their size, Hunter can hone in on their scent, as mentioned earlier,in any one ofthe bed bug’s 5 life cycle stages. David Anderson, Hunter’s handler, directs “Hunter” to an area of a room or building where bed bug activity is suspected or evident. Once he is exposed to an area with live bedbugs, he will alert David by sitting and pointing.David then visually validates that bed bugs are there. Hunter’s superb olfactory (i.e., sense of smell) talents enable him to find even the smallest traces of these disgusting blood suckers.

Termite detection for Hunter is as natural for him as sniffing out bed bugs. Where his dog senses have been highly trained to sniff out bed bugs, so has he been trained to find termites. His talent in finding termites is in sniffing out termite pheromonesecretions, used by termites to communicate.

Our human Termite Inspectors are able to go into a crawlspace under a building and visually see if there istermite activity.However, termite detection is not always that easy. Termites can colonize under a foundation slab or in wall voids. Hunter’s sensory skills are again, extremely valuable in finding the hiding termites.He is one ofvery few K-9 detectives in America that is skilled in both disciplines.

Loyal Termite & Pest Control is Central Virginia’s Number #1 Pest Control company for many reasons. One important reason is having Hunter, our bedbug and termite detection K-9.Hunter allows us to provide another level of expertise for our customers. Once termites and/or bed bugs are accurately detected, we are better able to provide a tailor-made program to solve these infestations.


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My experiences over several years with Loyal have all been great. Staff is respectful and response. Their insect control services have been thorough and effective.

- Kathleen McSweeney