You remember  hearing the old proverb: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  This is especially true in the case of preventing bed bugs. The only place you need to look for that ounce of bed bug prevention is Loyal Termite & Pest Control.

Are Bed Bugs Still a Problem?

The direct answer is yes, these pesky insects have rebounded from an almost successful eradication campaign carried out just a few decades ago. Today, more than ever you need to take a proactive approach to prevent bed bugs in your home.

Whether unintentionally brought in by a house guest, attached to your luggage from your recent trip, or embedded in that antique piece of furniture you just purchased…the bed bug is back.

Imagine waking up from a peaceful night’s sleep only to find bed bug bites on your body. This is not what you want or need. Avoid a bed bug problem by letting Loyal Termite & Pest Control show you how to prevent bed bugs.

Bed bug Prevention Begins with  Early Detection

Early detection is all-important in preventing bed bugs from gaining control of your home. At the first indication of these unwelcomed guests appearance, you need to calmly take action. Here are some important tips you can follow:

  1. Catch one of the bed bugs and place it in a sealed plastic bag. This step will allow for a quick and positive identification.
  2. Then try and locate where the bed bugs are making their home.
  3. Call Loyal Termite & Pest Control for an inspection of your home.

If caught early eliminating bed bugs can be taken care of quickly and with a minimum amount of disruption.

How can I Practice Bed Bug  Prevention?

Bed bugs are notorious for their mobility. They fit the role of being a “moving target” quite well. You don’t need to let this make you paranoid, simply cautious. Here are some preventive tips that Loyal Termite & Pest Control recommends you take:

  1. Travel: This is a prime source of bed bug prevention. There are literally hundreds of places where your luggage can come into contact with bed bugs. Places like your hotel room in the trunk of the taxi, in the baggage compartment of the airplane, or in the baggage handling facility at the airport. Be sure to visually examine your luggage before taking it into your home.
  2. Avoid Used Furniture: The most common method of developing a bed bug infestation is by bringing used furniture into your home. Avoid this whenever possible. If you can’t avoid used furniture, again undertake a close visual inspection of all areas of the furniture.

  3. Visitors: Understand, K-9 Pest Detector’s is not recommending that you avoid visitors. Just be aware of where they are coming from and what they bring with them. This can be especially important if your visitors are coming from stopovers in other places
  4. Work: Here again you need to be aware of your surroundings. Bed bug prevention begins with knowing that the bed bug is easily transported from one locale to another.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Loyal Termite & Pest Control recommends that you begin by following the suggestions presented in this article. Then you might think about learning more about the bed bug. Bed bug prevention really begins with you and your awareness of the potential problem.  If you would like additional information or have questions about bed bugs, call or contact Loyal Termite & Pest Control today.  They will provide you with further information on bed bug prevention.


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My experiences over several years with Loyal have all been great. Staff is respectful and responsible. Their insect control services have been thorough and effective.

- Kathleen McSweeney