Students should be able to go to school and learn without any distractions. If your school has bed bugs, students will not be able to concentrate on their educations. They will be left itching and scratching when they should be learning.

Your students depend on you. Don’t let them down. Get rid of the bed bugs in your school so they can get down to business.
Contact Loyal Termite & Pest Control so we can sniff out the bed bugs.

Let us:

  • Find the source of the bed bugs
  • Help you get your school back

How Bed Bugs Enter Schools

You don’t have to have beds in your school to have bed bugs.  If a student has bed bugs at home, he can bring those bugs to the school. Bed bugs are hitchhikers, which means they can come into your school at any time.

They will jump on the student’s clothing or take a ride in his backpack. Once the bugs arrive, they will hide in crevices and come out when they get hungry. They will feast on students and faculty members, and thus cause a lot of problems.

Before you know it, your institution will be a place of chaos. Students will be covered with bites and parents will get involved.

Headaches and Lawsuits

In some cases, the students will just complain. In other cases, though, lawsuits can occur. If a student ends up with bed bug bites, their parents can end up taking you to court.

Since this is a serious problem, you need a serious solution. You need the company that provides canine bed bug detection. You need Loyal Termite & Pest Control.

Keep Classes in Session

If you don’t use our canines, you will have to treat excessive areas. Imagine what would happen if every room in your school had to go through an intensive treatment. Do you want to lose a day off your calendar because of bed bugs?

If you use our bed bug sniffing dogs, we will isolate the problem for you. That means classes can remain in session while you treat the room or rooms that are infested.

Keep the focus on learning. Use our dogs to find the source of the bugs so your students can have a comfortable and bed bug-free learning environment.

Don’t wait until the problem gets out of hand.  Contact Loyal Termite & Pest Control today.


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We needed a termite inspection for a closing on the sale of my Mom's house. We called another pest control company, who originally said we needed $3000 to $4000 worth of work, then backed down to $772 termite treatment within 45 minutes of me telling them no, on top of the $110 we paid for the inspection. We called Nick at Loyal Termite & Pest Control, who scheduled Phillip to come out and provide a second opinion for $75. They notified us when they were coming, sent us a picture of Phillip, so we knew it was him. Phillip did the inspection and found no signs of a current termite problem. He promptly called to notify me and the report was written and delivered to the closing attorney with 24 hours. I am glad there are still some honest people in the pest control business!!

- James Toczko