Hello, good humans. This is Hunter; the well educated Loyal Termite and Pest Control K-9 Termite Detective, continuing my series on household pests that would love to spend the winter with you and your family in the comforts of your home. To this group, your home is a much better option than outside in the cold with all the other miserable bugs and frost weary critters.

In the Part #1 blog in this series; I gave you all a “punch list” to follow in order to seal up your home and keep these freeloaders outside! As it gets colder this season, you will be much happier if you have completed this bug prevention “punch list”. Why?  The hopeful “Snow-birds” who want to winter in your home are left outside or harboring in someone else’s home.

Hello, Loyal friends and “dog-blog” fans! Welcome back for another chapter of my series entitled Fall Season Means Unwanted Critter Guests. First off, I and all my family and colleagues here at Loyal Termite and Pest Control hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to be as thorough as I can in giving equal time to all of our regional pests that enjoy their winters spending quality time in the comfort of your warm and cozy home. I say all; however, the critters I write about in this series are the prominent offenders in this group.

This week’s blog is about a bug that is often seen but little understood, the Boxelder Bug. They are named after their primary food source, the Box Elder tree. They can also be found on Ash trees, Maple trees, Cherry trees, and a variety of seed-bearing plants. They feed by sucking the sap from the leaves, shoots, and seeds of the host plant. I am happy to report, they are harmless to humans, and they do very little damage to the plants they feed on. The adults are approximately ½ inch in length, black in color, with red-rimmed wings. When the seasonal climate conditions are just right, Boxelder bugs will reproduce at a prolific rate. They are considered a structural invading pest because of the large numbers, and their sneaky ways, to get into a structure. Experts consider this bug more of a nuisance than a pest.

Since I started this blog series on unwanted critter guests wanting to winter in your home; I have gotten some feedback from my Loyal "dog-blog" readers saying that they have noticed certain bugs hanging around the southernmost exposed portion of their home on warm days following cool nights. That is just as I had expected, given last year's mild winter and this year's moist spring and summer. Bug populations have flourished and now it's time for the masses to hunker down for the winter and get excited about the next coming spring. Stink bugs (last week's blog), Boxelder Bugs (next weeks blog), Spiders (the following week's blog) and the cute little Lady Bugs (this week's blog) are the major players from the bug world that are now prevalent in our central Virginia region and are anxious to "Snow-bird" in your home.

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you should know by now, this is Hunter, Loyal's Certified K-9 Termite Detective, giving you useful information to prepare you and your family for this year's winter invasion.

Of all the bug types in this series; the Asian Lady Beetle, better known as the Lady Bug, is probably the tamest of this critter group. I say that because, if you recall, the Stink Bug is a garden and crop enemy #1. In last week's blog, I spoke of the Stink Bug's ability to totally destroy whole soybean fields! They will poke holes in any and all fruits and vegetables extracting nutrients, rendering the fruit completely ruined. The Lady Bug, on the other hand, is a garden's best friend. A large group of Lady Bugs can clear a complete garden of leaf destroying insects like aphids and spider mites. As a matter of fact, the multi-colored Asian Lady Beetle was purposely introduced to the USA as a beneficial insect.

Hi there, Loyal “dog-blog” fans! This is Hunter; continuing my 4 part saga about unwanted critter guests entering your home during fall, and into winter. With the cold weather coming quickly, there are tons of household pests of all varieties wanting to hang around you and your family in the comfort of your cozy home. In part one; I spoke about everyone’s favorite pest, Rodents! I know, that wasn’t funny the first time I said it and it isn’t funny now. This blog will be about another group of home-loving little creatures; Sting Bugs.

By now, I’m sure you all have seen a Stink Bug. They look a little like a tiny armored truck. If you have stepped on one, I know you are familiar with them. As a final gift to you, for the smashing, the stinker let you have a dose of Stink Bug aroma that is hard to forget!

The Stink Bug’s formal name is; brown marmorated stink bug, (BMSB). A native of Asia, the (BMSB) first arrived here in the middle 1990’s. Since then, they have been causing havoc all across the United States. The (BMSB) is a ferocious eater of all forms of vegetation. 2010 was a particularly devastating year in loses all up and down the Atlantic. They destroyed over $37 million of the year’s apple crop. 20% of all of the agriculture in Northern Virginia was wiped out. They have been seen in soybean fields all across Virginia, and have been known to wipe out complete soybean fields!

The fall season is a beautiful time a year. I love taking car rides with Daddy Nick and Mama Gena with my head out the window, breathing the cool air, and looking at the pretty foliage colors. As the warm days and cool nights turn to cooler days and colder nights, there are armies of unwanted critter guests strategizing where and how they can get relief from the cold weather and enjoy the comforts of a nice warm household. The biggest prize imaginable for these critters is a warm home with easy access; that has plenty of water and food to last them all winter. Guess what, my Loyal “dog-blog” friends and fans; the critter paradise mentioned here could be the homes of most of you reading this blog.

Hello everyone, this is Hunter; taking this doggone opportunity to educate you, your families, and friends about the various pest “snow-birds” that are anxious to spend the winter with you and your family. This first blog, or Part #1 of this series, is about everyone’s favorite pest (just kidding), Rodents.

Personally, I can’t stand these little critters. Fortunately, because I am a termite detective, I am not exposed to rodent detection and elimination. However, there are very experienced and competent technicians here at Loyal Termite and Pest Control that are well equipped to take care of any rodent infestation problem; in a residential or commercial environment.


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