Welcome! To my dog-blog, What's Buggin' You?SM . Here you will find weekly posts, with useful information to keep your home or business pest free. My posts are tied to the seasonal insect activity in the Central Virginia region so that you can get timely information about the insects that are most likely to be "Buggin" you.

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This is the first in a series of blog’s that will appear at least once a week. Now, if I get excited, and my fellow employees throw me a bone, I may on occasion write more than one in a particular week. This introductory blog is just to get my paws wet and introduce myself and my family to you interested readers. My family is the Lupini family, the owners, and operators of Loyal Termite and Pest Control; one of the largest independently owned termite and pest control companies in Virginia.

My name is Hunter. I am the only Certified K-9 Termite Detective in Central, VA. I live with Daddy Nick, the President of Loyal, and Mama Gena, Vice President of the company. Nick oversees the Termite Division here, and Gena oversees the Pest Control Division. I don’t remember much about being a puppy, however; I’m told I was rescued from a pound in Florida. I then took my basic and advanced training in termite detection and graduated “Magna Bark Loudly” from a renowned training academy. Once certified to sniff out pesky wood eating termites, I came up here to Richmond to live and work, with my new family.

Termites are fascinating little creatures. As destructive as they are to family dwellings and business structures ($5+ billion annually); their colony formation with its inhabitant’s strict discipline, and pecking order, continue to amaze the experts. Many experts refer to a termite colony as a “perfect society”. Since the beginning of time on this earth, their God-given purpose in our world has been to clean up the dead wood and debris of fallen trees in forests. A termite colony in itself is a wood eating machine. 

This is why I am very proud of my job as Loyal Termite & Pest Control’s exclusive K-9 Termite Detective. Although, termites aren’t very shy and will go about their destructive culinary business without fear; many colonies develop under slab foundations or in walls. In these cases, it is difficult to discover their presence. That’s where I step in with my handler, David Anderson, and promptly sniff them out by recognizing their distinct pheromone smell. Once discovered, our certified technicians take over. They thoroughly treat the structure, thus eliminating the termite colony or colonies. Mission accomplished!

Hello, once again, faithful “dog-blog” fans. In keeping with Termite Awareness Week, I am continuing with a short series of blogs dedicated to termites; their life cycle, habits, and other valuable information you probably never knew before. Our Central Virginia Region is ranked 15th nationally in termite activity, so to better understand how these wood devouring menaces act and react, is to be a more informed home and/or business owner.

Living and working as Loyal Termite & Pest Control’s exclusive K-9 Termite Detective, I have sniffed out literally millions of these pesky little creatures over the years. You can call me a silly little dog; however, I am an expert when it comes to termites. I left you last time explaining how “Swarmers”, magically produced by the colony Queen, emerge from an overcrowded colony to begin a brand new cycle of termite colony formation.

Hello, dog lovers and “dog blog “fans. This is you’re your old pal “Hunter”, Loyal Termite & Pest Control’s faithful Termite, and now, Bedbug K-9 Detective. I’m officially back at the typewriter pawing out the first of many informative and interesting blogs about my favorite subject material; termites and household pests. Generally, the regional pests that negatively affect our Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers. I’ll be providing you with information about what pests are prevalent in our Central Virginia Region, what their habits are, how you can identify them, and how Loyal Company can be your partner is lessening the effect these regional pests have on your day to day life.

Since getting back from Florida, I have been running a very busy schedule with David Anderson, my handler, in sniffing out unseen bedbugs for our customers. Bedbugs have become a real problem in our area. Soon, in addition to running a busy bedbug schedule, David and I will be back out running appointments with me sniffing around concrete slabs, as well as, dwellings without a crawl space; discovering the hiding places of home wrecking termites.


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We needed a termite inspection for a closing on the sale of my Mom's house. We called another pest control company, who originally said we needed $3000 to $4000 worth of work, then backed down to $772 termite treatment within 45 minutes of me telling them no, on top of the $110 we paid for the inspection. We called Nick at Loyal Termite & Pest Control, who scheduled Phillip to come out and provide a second opinion for $75. They notified us when they were coming, sent us a picture of Phillip, so we knew it was him. Phillip did the inspection and found no signs of a current termite problem. He promptly called to notify me and the report was written and delivered to the closing attorney with 24 hours. I am glad there are still some honest people in the pest control business!!

- James Toczko